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May Day 2017

Why We March
Tens of Thousands Took to the Streets on May 1st

From Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo, Local 770 members along with tens of thousands of workers, labor and community groups took to the streets to Resist President Trump's anti-worker policies that attack working people, public education, immigrants, Muslims, and the LGBTQ community. Local 770, consists of 31,000 diverse members -  men, women of all races, religions, and political affiliations.  We are not all alike, and that’s ok.

What is common amongst all of us is that we want a better life, respect and dignity on the job, and a secure, working future.

And what unites us, is joining together to achieve that. As a Union, we are really nothing more than “working people standing together”. That is how we improve worker protections, how we influence laws and achieve improved workplace protections. And that is why we March and this is what we look like when we do!

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