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Active Ballot Club (ABC)

  • ABC is the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the UFCW.
  • It allows UFCW members to join together in support of candidates who promote issues important to us and pass laws to protect our rights.
  • ABC is the only PAC dedicated to protecting the interests of UFCW members.
  • ABC is our voice in the political arena and it is essential to our success in organizing and at the bargaining table.

Why should I contribute to ABC?
  • Corporations have put unlimited resources into the fight to weaken unions and eliminate worker protections and we must fight back.
  • Working America has to go on the offense. If we fail to bulid our war chest and maintain our victories, corporate interests will take over.
  • Over the last 2 years, corporate interests have attacked unions across this country (Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, etc) and now they are coming after us in California. In 2010, California was the only state to maintain worker friendly politicians in political office and so they are attacking here with a vengeance.
  • We need labor laws that protect the employee not the employer. We can do this by being a stronger voice through ABC.

Where does my ABC contributions go?
  • The UFCW contributes to ballot Initiatives that protect workers' rights and candidates who support a pro-worker agenda. Candidates are required to fill out and submit a candidate questionnaire before they receive any consideration or money.
  • ABC also supports progressive organizations like American Rights at Work and Healthcare for America Now.

What do my union dues go for if they don't go to our political work?
  • Your union dues go directly back into how we serve you as a member, including your Union Representative and contract negotiations. Much of the political work we do is voluntary - which is why we are signing people up.

I don't always support Local 770's political views. Why should I contribute?
  • Our political efforts are bipartisan and we reach out to candidates and elected officials from both parties. When we support a candidate or an issue, we do so only when it serves the interests of our members and working families of California.

I already donate to a charity, why should I contribute to ABC?
  • Many of our members give to various charities, and that's wonderful. However, the Active Ballot Club is not a charity; it is the fund that enables us to act as a voice for our interests on a local, state and national level.

Can I write a check for a fixed amount rather than sign-up?
  • Of course, we're always happy to accept a member's contribution. However, one of the benefits of signing up for the Active Ballot Club isn't just the money, but the fact that your employer can see how many members we have involved in our political fund. Continual membership in our Active Ballot Club shows our employers and our elected officials the strength of our members' political involvement.

How much can I contribute?
  • There is no limit to the amount you can give. We recommend that all members give at least $1. You can also contribute to Leadership 21 which is $25 a month, and recipients receive a plaque for their contribution.

I can't afford to sign-up.
  • We understand that wages are a major issue for many of our members, and we don't want to break anyone's budget. But we strongly believe that our contributions to Active Ballot Club will greatly benefit our contracts and are an investment in the future.

Is this typical of other unions?
  • Yes, our brothers and sisters at other affiliates, such as SEIU and the Teamsters, have their own Political Action Committee.