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Market Share

As more and more non-union stores open and unionized stores close our strength as a union diminishes. This is because our influence with current employers weakens, and this is especially apparent during negotiations. Local 770 along with many other unions in Southern California have developed a Market Share Program which aims to organize workers and convince customers to patronize only unionized stores.

The phrase ''market share'' refers to the percentage of the total amount of sales in a given area. For Local 770 members it means the number of union stores in a given area. Unfortunately that number is dropping every year and NOW is the time to fight!

That fight is not going to be easy. Non-union employers are hostile to any organizing efforts and employees are frightened to even be seen talking to union people. Over the past decade, the public has become less sympathetic to union/labor causes and reluctant to support boycotts, which put pressure on non-union stores. However, what the public doesn't understand is unions have raised the level of wages and working conditions over the past hundred years. This never would have happened unless someone took a stand against greedy employers.

What can you do?

  • Educate fellow members and friends about the Market Share issue.
  • Shop union stores.
  • Put money aside for Market Share.
  • Participate in Local 770 picket lines.


  • Stop food megastores (Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target)
  • Stop large non-union competitors from growing (Top Valu/Valu Plus, Superior, Jons, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's)


Without control of the market share, wages and benefits go down.


Kansas City -- Six years ago Wages higher than Southern California 85% percent market share. Today, 14.7 % market share.


Wages at $8 level. Benefits drastically cut. Health care cut -- Large co-pays
Could This Happen to Us?
If we cannot achieve a level playing field
as Market Share slips, we lose big!

If you are interested in volunteering in the Market Share Program,
call 1-800-UFCW-770, (213) 487-7070 or send e-mail to:

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