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Celebrating 50 Years of LGBT Civil Rights

On Saturday, February 11th, UFCW Local 770 OUTreach celebrated 50 years of LGBT civil rights at the Black Cat in Silver Lake. OUTreach joined LGBT activists, organizers, and community members in a reenactment of a demonstration that took place outside of the Black Cat Tavern in 1967 - predating the Stonewall Riots by two years - at which protesters united against police harassment of LGBT people.
As we marked the progress achieved by LGBT Americans over the past 50 years, and as we honored those trailblazers who pushed our community towards equality, we were reminded that we have a responsibility to continue standing up for all those who suffer on the front lines of injustice.
In this season when we celebrate love in all its forms, OUTreach 770 activists renew our commitment to defending the rights of all our brothers and sisters who are harassed and criminalized on the basis of sexual preference, gender expression, race, religion, or national origin. We will continue to fight for equality with the same vigilance, determination, and pride as our elders who started this movement 50 years ago.  
By Jess Steever, UFCW 770 Member at Ralphs and OUTreach Committee Activist