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Retirement Letter from President Ricardo F. Icaza

Brothers and Sisters:
Effective September 1, 2017, I’ve decided the time has come to retire from my position as President of UFCW Local 770.
Since I was first elected in 1982, we’ve accomplished much, improving the lives and jobs of union members and workers across California and the nation.
I am confident our union will continue to improve and expand, as I leave you in the hands of our Secretary-Treasurer, John Grant.
I was proud to serve as your president as our solidarity and unity produced some of the best union contracts in the nation, setting the mark for other regions to follow.
Our union led the fight for the living wage, created and passed the landmark Grocery Worker Retention Act, protected our jobs by passing laws to hold big-box corporations like Walmart accountable, and fought to protect the rights of all workers regardless of race, gender, origin, or orientation.
We’ve been a leader in the fight to protect and expand union jobs in an environment hostile to us, and been at the forefront of holding politicians accountable and shaping their agenda. Together, we created an organization that cannot be ignored or excluded, together, we secured ourselves a seat at the table.
It has been an honor to be a part of this, and throughout my career I have looked around me and marveled at the dedication, talent, and drive of our membership and leaders.  I was, and am, proud to be a part of this.
That is why I feel confident moving on from leadership of the union. Our team is strong, and Secretary-Treasurer John Grant is a gifted and able leader. His dedication to the membership and working people is beyond question, and he will continue to move Local 770 and the movement forward.
Thank you for your support and efforts in making Local 770 the great union it is today. I wish us all well in the struggles ahead, and remain dedicated to you and our union’s values.
In Solidarity,
Ricardo F. Icaza, President

Please be advised that pursuant to the United Food & Commercial Workers Constitution, Local 770's Executive Board will elect a new president to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the President's term.