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UFCW 770 Workers' Center

This year marks the opening of the Local 770’s  eighth office!  The Ricardo F. Icaza Workers' Center, located in Southeast Los Angeles County (5400 Pacific Blvd., Huntington Park) is now our newest location... and what a beautiful building!! 
For over 3 years, we have searched, researched and then designed and re-built a former hardware store (with 100% Union Labor) into a working union office.  Offices, workplaces are important.  It steadies us, straightens our posture, nurtures and gives our organization strength. 
Our objective here is to not only provide accessible services to our members in the most Southeast part of our  jurisdiction, but also to provide:
  • A location for many of our negotiations,
  • A logistical center for many of our contract campaigns,
  • A launching pad for our organizing efforts (especially in packing and food processing in the neighboring city of Vernon).
Additionally, we plan to expand our protective efforts to not only our members, but their families, their neighbors and any worker who seeks respect, justice and dignity on the job.  That is why we are calling it a “Workers' Center”.  Because we realize that when we bring the dream of a better America to every community, we enrich the understanding within that community of the important work that Unions do, the important value that Local 770 offers.
We will be offering service, advocacy and union organizing.  Our purchase of this brick and mortar building reflects our pledge, our loyalty to those low wage workers on the edge of the dream.
We will be providing:
  • Redress to those victims of wage theft;
  • Education and support around health and safety issues in the workplace;
  • Pathways to citizenship and improved worker status;
  • Repairing the harm of mass incarceration by reforming re-entry programs and providing assistance to our members and their families to be able to contribute fully in our communities.
  • We will be advocating:
  • Policy changes against unfair and unjust employment policies;
  • Resolution of problematic individual employer practices.
We will be organizing our members, their families and neighborhoods to stand with us to make our communities better.
These are just some of the steps we seek to undertake in order to fulfill the intent of your Executive Board’s unanimously adopted resolution to renew our commitment: “ promote and defend democratic ideals and the economic security of Local 770 members, their families and of workers generally.” 
This resolution, our Magna Carta for the 21st century,  reflects the priorities and obligations Local 770 owes to our members and all of those communities where they live and work.
Because, as the noted architect, Frank Lloyd Wright said, if you are living (or working) in the wrong place, that is a self-inflicted handicap.  But when you are in the right place, you have found the foundation for a fulfilling life.  And, with our new Workers' Center, we are ready to fulfill this promise.  

UFCW Local 770 Workers' Center now open to serve members!

5400 Pacific Blvd 
Huntington Park, CA 90255

Please visit us Monday thru Friday.  Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed for lunch)

-Union members and the community are able to come together to learn about problems that are facing our communities and work toward finding ways to improve the quality of life for all workers in our area.