Dear UFCW member,

Let me begin by sincerely thanking you. You – and all our UFCW members – are on the frontlines of this unprecedented health crisis.

More than ever, you’ve proven to all that the hard work you do is absolutely essential.

I will not pretend these last few weeks have been easy. It has been incredibly difficult and stressful. You are concerned about your health and safety; and that of your loved ones. You have been working harder than ever before. You also worry, as we all do, how long will this last.

You are not in this alone. Your union at the Local and International level is advocating on behalf with employers as well as elected officials to make sure that your hard work and dedication during this crisis is recognized:

  • We have negotiated emergency pay increases and other immediate benefits with over 40 employers in food retail, food processing, and meatpacking all across the United States, representing over 700,000 members.
  • We have demanded specific safety actions, such as personal protection equipment, installing barriers, and enforcing social distancing for our members who work closely with the public or each other.
  • Legislatively, we pushed for national economic relief that will provide up to $1,200 for members earning less than $75,000 a year (or $2,400 for a married couple making less than $150,000). UFCW members have been named as essential “first responder” employees in seven states so they can have immediate access to free emergency childcare and other benefits. And we are pushing every other Governor in the country to do the same.

We have also developed a number of ways to keep UFCW members aware of critical workplace and coronavirus updates. You can text word PREPARED to 83071 or visit where you will also be able to file a report about any – and I mean any – workplace safety or health issue.

No matter the question or concern, please know that your union is here for you. And, I want you to know, personally, that we are determined to do everything possible to protect you, your family, and all our members.

Thank you, remember to text PREPARED to 83071 for more member updates, and please keep yourself and loved ones safe.