On December 13th we notified you about our arbitration victory against Gelson’s for wages that workers were owed as part of the contract you fought for and ratified. You can find the update below as well as our original message. If you are an overscale GM/Meat Clerk with 8 years of service with the company and do not see your corrected pay rate on your paycheck this Friday, contact your Union Rep immediately. 

1/5/2024 Update – Gelson’s has increased the wages of those impacted by our recent arbitration victory. The corrected rate will appear on Friday’s paychecks. Gelson’s is still working on calculating the back pay amounts and we will update you as soon as we have any more information.

12/13/2023 -The Gelson’s contract workers fought for and won in 2022 provided an extra $1 per hour increase for GM/Meat Clerks with 8 years of service with the Company. Gelsons failed to pay the wage increase and a $500 retro pay bonus to overscale GM/Meat Clerks who otherwise qualified for this increase. UFCW 770 in conjunction with UFCW Locals 135, 324, 1167 and 1442 filed a grievance to force the company to follow the contract you fought for. When the Company would not agree to pay what was owed, the unions pursued the grievance to arbitration.

This week, we received the decision of the arbitrator finding as follows:

“Gelson’s violated the parties’ 2022-2025 CBA when it failed to provide a one dollar wage increase and a $500 bonus to all over-scale General Merchandise (“GM”)/Meat Clerks who had at least 7,700 hours and eight years of employment with Gelson’s on September 1,

As a result, Gelson’s must make the affected employees whole by paying all journeyperson GM/Meat Clerks who had eight or more years a full $1.00 per hour wage increase and $500 bonus, including those who were over-scale.”

We will keep you updated as we make sure all GM Clerks and Meat Clerks receive your raise and retro pay. If you have any questions, contact your Union Representative.