The Food Fight Is On

What is Food Fight?

Food Fight is a movement of union grocery workers and shoppers fighting for a better neighborhood grocery store. Despite making record profits, Ralphs-Kroger Co. and its peers are cutting wages and raising food prices. We are coming together to fight for a fair contract that makes sure we don’t have to work two or three jobs just to pay for housing or put food on the table.

Why fight?

Now is the time for a fair contract. That not only means fighting for better wages, more hours, work protections, and health and retirement security. It means fighting for the very values we stand for as workers, neighbors, and members of our union.

When we unite and fight, workers and employers win. Our contract gives us a say in our workplace and our community. By standing together through collective bargaining, we as UFCW 770 members have the power to protect each other and demand better from management. As a union workforce, we make Ralphs-Kroger Co. and other employers more valuable. The company made record profits ($3 billion) last year alone. We should have the voice and vote that we’ve earned.

Our Demands

Many full-time Ralphs-Kroger Co. workers have a second or third job to make ends meet. We want a fair contract that ensures one job is enough.

1. A Fair Wage and Hours

When union grocery stores like Ralphs-Kroger Co. make record profits ($3 billion last year alone), one job should be enough to make ends meet for grocery workers. We demand fair pay and hours to take care of our families, pay for housing, and put food on the table.

2. Fully-funded health care and retirement plans

We’ve worked hard to earn health and retirement plans that are rare in the grocery industry. Now our employers want to starve our health and retirement plans. We stand together to protect what’s ours.

3. A better shopping experience for everyone

We know our customers. We see them everyday, and know what they want better than anyone. We are fighting for more staff in every store to make shopping better for our neighbors.

Your contract expires 3/3/2019

Sign the petition to fight for something better:
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Why not look good?

It’s a new year, and a new chance to show the world we’re serious about standing together as a union.

Why not look good while we do it?

Vote for your favorite division t-shirt style. Wear it on* or off the clock and say it loud: We got this.

This is all part of our listening campaign to hear directly from you and your fellow members across the 770.

Vote for Your Favorite Division T-Shirt Style:





* Note: Please check with your workplace to make sure wearing personal clothing meets workplace guidelines.

We’re Listening

Brothers and sisters,

It’s a New Year and with it brings new challenges – contract negotiations for our Grocery members, a fight for fair scheduling, and the steady creep of automation into our workplaces.

We want to hear what’s on your mind. What’s happening in your workplace and your community? What concerns do you have about your job? What are your ideas for a better future?

Today we’re launching the UFCW 770 Listening Campaign.

Each month we’ll reach out to you by phone, text or email to ask what you think on a variety of issues. It will be quick, I promise, and we’ll raffle off giveaways to those who participate.

Click here to complete our first survey – it will take less than 3 minutes – for your chance to win $50 for the New Year!

Complete the survey no later than Friday, January 29th for your chance to win.

Complete Survey

The wisdom of this union is in every shop, dispensary, pharmacy, and plant. Your feedback is crucial to make sure we’re focusing on the issues that matter most to you.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

As John says, now we go,

Kathy Finn | Secretary-Treasurer | UFCW 770

Register Now: 6th Annual UFCW 770 Healthy Day 5K


President’s Day, Monday, February 18, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Race starts at 9:30 a.m.


Ventura Community Park, 901 S Kimball Rd, Ventura CA 93004

Everyone is welcome! Make it a fun and healthy day out with family, friends, and union members. Take a 5K walk or run along a path that is paved, flat, and easy!

Visit our health fair vendors for a free health screening, donate blood on the mobile truck, or learn CPR.

All registered participants will receive a T-Shirt, medal, raffle ticket, and lunch!

Register Now

Pre-registration cost is $30.00 
All proceeds benefit Leukemia and local charities in our communities

Are you a Local 770 PPO Member?
Earn $$ for your HRA! The 5k walk/run is a healthy activity. 5k participation will earn up to $150.00 for your Health Reimbursement Account. We will provide forms for you at the registration table, it’s easy!

See you at the starting line!

Stand with LAUSD Teachers and Families

On Monday, January 14, 30,000 educators in LAUSD will take a stand to improve classrooms and learning conditions for our kids.

UTLA members are going on strike for:

  • Smaller class sizes

  • More nurses and counselors

  • Fair wages

  • Accountability for charter schools

As a union member, you understand how critical and crucial labor actions like these are in creating long and lasting change. We need to stand in solidarity with our teachers and join them in this fight, because the more workers who come together, the more unstoppable we become.

According to the Los Angeles Federation of Labor, here are some ways that you can support the strike:

1. Get Loud on Social Media

Never underestimate the power of a hashtag. You have the power to invite more people into the conversation.

Follow updates on and tell your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that you won’t cross the picket line. Use your own message or the one prepared below. And don’t forget to use these hashtags: #StrikeReady #RedForEd #UTLAstrong.

I, a member of @UFCW770, stand with @utlanow educators and will not cross the picket line. Join me now to improve classrooms and schools for our kids. #StrikeReady #RedForEd #UTLAstrong.


2. Be a Part of the Leadership School for Education and Action

Join parents, students and other union members at the Leadership School for Education and Action, an exciting week-long program full of political education and action.

See this PDF for details.

3. Join the Picket Lines

Want to join the picket line? You can adopt one or several schools and join the picket lines before or after school.

Here’s how:

  • Click on the magnifying glass to search within the map.

  • Enter your home or work address to find the campuses closest to you
  • Click on the small red book icon for the exact address name and phone number of the school.
  • Help LA Federation of Labor track support for teachers by filling out this form.
  • Check for picket and rally times.

Your Assembly Delegate Guide

Why you should vote

Assembly District delegates help shape the Democratic party here in California and beyond. They have a voice in everything from endorsing candidates for statewide and congressional office, as well as voting to endorse resolutions and ballot measures. That means your delegate could affect major issues for working people, from healthcare to education to housing. Your vote is your chance to get heard.

How you can vote

Voting is this upcoming Sunday, 1/13. First things first, make sure you’re registered, find your district, and locate your polling place. Any registered Democrat living in the district is eligible to vote. On-site voter registration is available for those not registered as Democrats.

Check Your Registration Status


Where to vote

If you already know you’re registered and your district, here are the three main polling places for members looking to get heard in the L.A. area.

Assembly District 43 Date: Sunday, January 13, 2019
Doors Open: 9:30am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:00am

Registration & Voting: 10:30am-12:30pm


I.A.T.S.E. Local 80
2520 W. Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505
Assembly District 51 Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:30am
Registration & Voting: 11:00am-1:00pm

East LA Rising
324 N. McDonnell Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90022
Assembly District 53 Date: Saturday, January 12, 2019
Doors Open: 10:00am
Candidate Speeches Begin: 10:30am
Registration & Voting: 11:00am-1:00pm

Boys and Girls Club of Estrada Courts Gym
3232 Estrada Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033


Who to vote for

Check out the progressive candidates in your district in the links below:

Assembly District 43

Find Your Candidates


Assembly District 51

Find Your Candidates


Assembly District 53

Find Your Candidates


“It really changed my whole point of view”

Hector Chaidez is a pharmacy technician with Kaiser Permanente in Montebello. Although he’s been with Kaiser for 18 years and a UFCW 770 steward for five, 2018 was the first time he’d every stepped up to take political action. His biggest reason? To see how to win a race up close in case he one day wants to throw his name in a race.

That’s exactly the change we need to see. Since 1995, workers have made up just 4% of political candidates for local and county races here in California. We need people like Hector to get the on-the-ground experience today to maybe someday run and rep working people tomorrow.

What made you want to organize this year?

I wanted to hear what it’s like to be a political candidate if I ever decide to go down that path. I wanted to hear the basics. What it’s like. How are these candidates being elected? It helped me understand the hard work that’s put into getting a candidate elected.

Would you organize again?

After this experience, yes, definitely. When I visited grocery stores [in Nevada], I heard a lot of stories about what the union has been able to accomplish for working people and I just felt so proud about the feedback. From meeting other members to meeting candidates I feel like it gave a fire in me to meet people and showed me how things work and change for the good.

What about your co-workers and other members? Would you ask them to organize, too?

I posted a lot [to social media] throughout my nine weeks in Nevada. A lot of my colleagues would see that, and I’d always get messages, like: ‘Oh, how was that? What was that like?’ I always responded with updates on what I was up to and every day, I heard back: ‘That’s so awesome.’ Even today, they ask me to let them know when there is an event coming up. Now I know a lot of people, and now I can spread the word.

What was the best part of organizing?

I never really had the opportunity to be a leader. To be able to actually lead and be successful at it, it really changed a whole point of view of how I look at myself. I want to inspire others. So, I’m definitely grateful for this experience.

We’re building a team of dedicated members like Hector to keep up the momentum of the Midterms. Sign up below for updates on how you can get involved.

Where we go from here


While many people savor time off over the holidays, 770 Brothers and Sisters are clocking-in for extra shifts to make sure those holidays go off without a hitch. For those of you on the job and to those who enjoyed a hard-earned break: thank you. I’ll respect your schedule and make this New Year’s message quick. I just need a minute of your time.

This union is powered by people. Never has that fact been more obvious to me than when sitting at a gathering of our GOTV volunteers just a few weeks ago. Many of these members had never stepped foot on a political campaign before. Yet they faced the sun and heat of Nevada with courage, canvassing for weeks on end to help workers win a historic victory in a right-to-work state. Not bad.

It’s this can-do spirit that makes you and your brothers and sisters the people I’m proud to wake up and fight for every day. To capture this spirit, though, and the wisdom that lives in each and every store, dispensary, pharmacy, and plan across this union, we’re trying something a little different this year.

In 2019, we’re launching a listening campaign to hear directly from you. You may get a call, email, or text soon, and I hope you’ll take the time to give us your honest feedback. What’s your top concern in a new contract? What are the news and issues keeping you up at night? What are your priorities both on and off the clock?

You’ll be hearing a lot more of this from Kathy in the coming weeks. For now, though, please make sure you’re following us on social so you can be heard.

Follow us on Facebook

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From a new Rite Aid contract to winning back a 100% unionized Farmer John’s plant, you got the job done in 2018. We’re just getting started.

Why we organize


You know firsthand: what we do is tough work, and we have to do it every day with a smile on our faces. So, we all need that special motivation to get up every morning and fight for a better life.

For me, that’s my kids. I want to teach them to hold their head up. When I look in their eyes, I see the future. They’re the next generation of workers who need to demand what they deserve. I’m here to show them how to walk the walk.

We all have people in our life who inspire us to organize. Join me and post a photo with the family member you’re ready to fight for today.

The upcoming Grocery contract is going to be a tough fight. Let’s show management that we’re not going anywhere, and we have every reason in the world to keep fighting.

Post Your Photo
We got this,

Lisa Marie, UFCW 770 Grocery Steward

“It paid off.”

Tracy Cason is proof: you don’t have to be a seasoned campaigner to make a huge difference. She traveled to Nevada back in November to get working people out to vote in a fiercely anti-union state. Despite never having volunteered on a campaign before, she jumped in with two feet – and got the job done. Here’s why she thinks organizing is so rewarding:

Is this your first time organizing?

This is my first time campaigning. We were there to talk to union members, because the number was down. We’d go to the stores where they work, and ask what were the important issues to them to get them a little bit more involved and wanting to vote. We did that until we got run out of the stores [laughs]. Then we went door to door. We let them know that we were there and we wanted what was best for them. It paid off.

What was the number one thing you heard from people?

Concerns were health care, hard wages, days off with pay. It is a right-to-work state, so a lot of older members were union members. A lot of younger members weren’t union members. It’s kind of hard to get the younger generation involved, because they belive that their vote doesn’t matter. Every vote matters – if everybody thought that way, we’d end up with a worse situation.

What was the overall response?

Some people were really receptive, and some weren’t. You know the old saying: if you’re not welcome, just knock the dust off your feet. When I saw the results that night, I was so happy. All that hard work, all that heat. It paid off. To make a difference was such a good feeling.

What made you want to get involved?

They brought it up at one of our steward meetings. Everybody else in the room said they couldn’t go – they had too many responsibilities. So, I thought, I can step up. After one day, we were running. Let’s get to work! Day by day, you learn a little bit more.

Would you help with more organizing?

Yeah, I would. Our union is the best union in the world. I found that out in Las Vegas. We got health care, paid vacation, sick leave. These people go to work, and they don’t have all of that. I told my co-workers, if I hear anyone else complaining, I’m sending y’all to Vegas! [laughs]

This experience was awesome, and I learned a lot. It was adventurous. This was the best: to win. That’s the best experience: winning.

We’re building a team of dedicated members like Tracy to keep up the momentum of the Midterms. Sign up below for updates on how you can get involved.

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