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Cannabis Delivery Drivers and Depot Staff at Stachs-Eaze in Los Angeles and Gardena Join UFCW Local 770

The Employees Join Scores of Cannabis Workers Across California Unionizing to Address Concerns Over Working Conditions and Safety Issues

Los Angeles– Approximately 100 Stachs-Eaze cannabis delivery drivers and staff employees at the company’s La Brea and Gardena delivery depots overwhelmingly voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 770. These workers are unionizing to address employee safety issues and to improve scheduling and wages, access to affordable health insurance and other benefits.

The vote follows a string of successful Stachs-Eaze representation elections that have rapidly rolled out across the state, including recent elections in Van Nuys, Venice and San Jose (represented by UFCW Local 5). The vote also comes as the company pursues a series of changes to policies and working conditions at its depot operations.

“I’m happy that Stachs-Eaze workers now have a voice. I don’t feel this company cares about its employees despite the fact that we provide a high level of integrity to our jobs and the customers we serve,” says Jason Boggs, a Gardena depot delivery driver who also works as an actor. “I just received a letter from the company saying that workers will get mileage cuts which means I will lose about $300 a month and that’s unacceptable.”

UFCW has filed Unfair Labor Practice charges against Stachs-Eaze for its failure to negotiate with workers about the delivery drivers’ mileage reimbursements. The unilateral change resulted in a massive decrease in the amount of money workers are reimbursed to cover the costs of wear and tear on their vehicles. Some Stachs-Eaze workers report that the change will cost them as much as $700 per month.

Workers are also organizing to improve safety on the job. Last week, drivers and staff at Stachs-Eaze’s Van Nuys depot delivered a petition to management signed by over 80% of the workers demanding the company prioritize employee safety at its depots and provide workers with training around preventing and confronting instances of workplace violence. Many drivers have experienced robberies and other threats of violence while on the job and employees have a range of safety concerns.

“Becoming a union member is a way to stand together and to level the playing field. As unionized workers we have a means to fight against any abuses and we have more strength to fight and achieve the changes we need to have what we deserve,” says Keith Walker, a Gardena delivery depot staff employee.

“By voting to join our union, workers in the cannabis industry are saying loud and clear that they want to join together with their coworkers to increase their power to make needed changes in their workplace,” says Kathy Finn, UFCW Local 770 President. “We at Local 770 are proud to welcome Stachs-Eaze employees to our union family.”

Stachs-Eaze cannabis delivery drivers and staff workers at La Brea and Gardena delivery depots voted on Tuesday June 13.

In Los Angeles, Stachs-Eaze workers continue to unionize and mail-in voting is taking place now for about 100 workers at one other area cannabis depot.

Stachs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eaze, the largest multi-state cannabis delivery operator in the U.S. Eaze is headquartered in San Francisco.

UFCW Local 770 represents close to 30,000 workers in grocery, retail drug, meatpacking, healthcare, and cannabis industries across Southern California.