This is How We Win

770 Members:

We’ve just wrapped up another round of negotiations. While corporate negotiators failed to make a fair wage and health benefits offer, our members have been raising their voices where it matters most: at their stores.

Our 770 Delegation teams at Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons, and other UFCW grocery stores across Southern California have been stepping up to make sure our values are heard by store managers and corporations. Their work is a reminder of who we’re fighting for, and why we’ll win.

Every day, we’re fighting for:
  • Family-Sustaining Fair Wages
  • More, Flexible Hours
  • Health and Retirement Security
  • Job Security in Changing Times
  • Democracy in Our Workplace
  • Better Neighborhood Grocery Stores

This is how we win – by raising our voices together, taking ownership of our union and our stores, and demanding to be recognized as worthy of what we’ve earned.

I am so inspired by these petition delegations all across UFCW 770. To approach management and corporate fearlessly and relentlessly is to be #UnionStrong.

Stand with us and share our pictures.






We got this,

John Grant
President, UFCW 770

Why We Fight

Hardworking people like you are responsible for feeding and caring for your communities every single day. Yet, there’s only a handful of times throughout the year where we celebrate the dignity of working. Today is one of them: International Workers’ Day.

It’s a chance for us all to pause and reflect on why we do what we do, as well as why we pour our blood and sweat into organizing: to make a better life for our families. I wanted to take this moment to show some of the faces of your union brothers and sisters, and recap the core values of this union.

This is why we fight: for each other.

More Hours and Flexible Shifts

Scheduling should provide the hours we need to support our families with one job, the flexibility to enjoy and take care of our families, and accommodate the other priorities of our lives.
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Fair Wages to Sustain my Family

Work should provide wage increases that make ends meet and allow us to provide for and enjoy our families and lives—without having to work multiple jobs. Share the graphic


Health Benefit Security

All employees should have benefits that provide security in our health. Why? Because our health is our community’s health. Plus, we fought hard for them.
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Democracy in our workplace graphic

We are partners in the success of our businesses, not tools to be discarded. Our unity gives us a voice and a vote in both our workplace and our union. Share the graphic


Retirement security

We work all our lives to enjoy what comes after. Our members should work in peace, without the worry of what life after retirement looks like. We earned it and we’ll fight for it.
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Job Security in Changing times

We understand better than management what consumers want and what works on the floor. By applying that knowledge we can help shape the Grocery jobs of the future.
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Better Neighborhood Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are part of the shared public space, and we commit ourselves to creating and preserving strong, resilient communities.
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I hope you share these points with your co-workers. It’s a small gesture, but builds to a mighty strength. We need every worker in every plant, shop, pharmacy, and dispensary to know where we’re going. When we look each other in the eye, let’s remember one thing: we got this.

And now we go,

John Grant

President, UFCW 770

Cannabis Social Equity Report

Today, along with Equity First Alliance Los Angeles and the Social Impact Center in Los Angeles, UFCW 770 published a report about how we create a healthy Cannabis industry for all Repairing the Harms, Creating the Future: Centering Cannabis Social Health & Equity in Los Angeles.

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About the Report

The new Repairing the Harms, Creating the Future: Creating Cannabis Social & Health Equity in Los Angeles (2019) report compiles extensive research that shows the City of Los Angeles’ promising programs meant to repair the war on drugs need a more comprehensive approach – and immediate funding – to succeed. A wide range community, worker and industry voices and experts are highlighted who share the effects of the war on drugs but also their engagements with health and social justice through cannabis. The report then outlines how to realize a broader vision of repair and renewal via cannabis in alignment with intersecting work throughout Los Angeles on social and health equity.

Included are comprehensive recommendations on incorporating greater community voice in cannabis regulation, building social equity programs that meet worker and small businesses needs, ensuring non-criminalizing enforcement, and reinvesting cannabis tax funds in health and social equity. Through detailed picture of past, present and future harms and potential in relation to the cannabis industry, Repairing the Harms provides unique data and analysis on how policymakers, industry, workers and community can build a national model of equity in cannabis together.

Report Produced by: Cage-Free Cannabis, Equity First LA, The Social Impact Center and UFCW Local 770
Author: Robert Chlala, PhD Candidate, University of Southern California and Social Equity Researcher/UFCW 770
With: Jackie Cornejo, UFCW 770; Dr. Brandie Cross PhD, Smart Pharm Research Group; Kristen Lovell, The Social Impact Center; Adam Vine, Cage-Free Cannabis

The report explores ways the city of LA can continue to make equity a priority in the future of Cannabis regulation. We must repair the harms of the war on drugs on affected communities and to build a future that serves the needs of the Los Angeles community. This is a roadmap for how we do it.

Although it’s a short read on its own, here are the key takeaways:

Defining Equity
We first developed a shared definition of the word “equity.” Without it, there’s a danger that our efforts to put people and their lives in the center of the future of Cannabis would be unsuccessful. Drawing from the latest research on equitable implementation, we look at equity in three parts, past, present, and future:

1. When implemented, equity closes historical gaps that often align with place, race, and gender;
2. In the present, equity requires strong partnerships with affected communities that supports their participation and power.
3. Finally, when implemented, equity takes into consideration future disparities by building for the long-term (in adaptable ways) and anticipating future harms.

As our cannabis stakeholder forums confirmed, for Los Angeles to be successful, equity has to be centered across all cannabis policies and practices. It must also work in unison with other equity efforts in different sectors of the city and county.

No Better Time than Now
We examined multiple perspectives from a range of stakeholders for insight into the needs of communities, interests of voters, and commitments to equity that policymakers have made. The report investigates areas where equity principles can be applied immediately. The most pressing area in all our minds:
1. Enforcement
2. Funds to support social equity applicants and workers
3. Corporate social responsibility

Our Recommendations
Here are some of our recommendations to push this vision forward:
1. Create a Cannabis Health & Social Equity working group
2. Develop a progressive and comprehensive enforcement strategy for cannabis regulations and halt further criminalization of youth
3. Create a community reinvestment fund to repair the harms of the war on drugs

Read the full report to learn about a future of cannabis that puts people, their voices, and stories in the center of growth and development.

Read the report

Read the Executive Summary

Area Meetings Recap by John Grant

Lee en español

I want to tell you about the amazing energy we saw last week from members who turned out across Southern California for our UFCW 770 Area Meetings. Before I do, let me share a moment that’s been replaying in my head this past week. It’ll take just a second.

We closed out each meeting by raffling off a gift card to the members who turned out. A member named Raymond won the raffle at our Pasadena meeting but wasn’t able to accept it. Why? He had to leave the meeting early to go work his second job as a delivery driver. The time has come to fight for our union brothers like Raymond. Let’s make sure one job is enough for hardworking people. Share our petition and get everyone you know to join the fight for Grocery workers like Raymond.

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As I’ve said before, the true wisdom of this union isn’t in an office building or headquarters. It’s in your stores, dispensaries, plants, and pharmacies, and it’s in the experiences of you and your hardworking union brothers and sisters. 770 toured Southern California to hear directly from members across our union and discuss your wisdom about where we go from here.

If you weren’t able to join us, we focused each meeting on the values we’re fighting for in our next Grocery contract: 

Family-Sustaining Fair Wages

Work should provide wage increases that make ends meet and allow us to provide for and enjoy our families and lives—without having to work multiple jobs.

More, Flexible Hours

Scheduling should provide the hours we need to support our families with one job, the flexibility to enjoy and take care of our families, and accommodate the other priorities of our lives.

Health and Retirement Security

All employees should have benefits that provide security in our health and dignity in our retirement. We fought hard for ours and will fight hard to maintain them.

Job Security in Changing Times

We understand better than management what consumers want and what works on the floor – and by applying that knowledge we can help shape the Grocery jobs of the future.

Democracy in Our Workplace

We are partners in the success of our businesses, not tools to be moved and discarded. Our unity gives us a voice and a vote in both our workplace and our union.

Better Neighborhood Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are part of the shared public space, and we commit ourselves to creating and preserving strong, resilient communities.

As we head into a major fight for a fair Grocery contract, it’s time to take stock and remember who we’re fighting for: each other. That’s why I was proud and encouraged to see so many of our members come out and show our unity through three days of meetings from one end of 770 to the other—from Arroyo Grande to Pasadena to Harbor City. We’re just scratching the surface of showing our true power. To get ahead, though, we need our friends, our family, even our customers to join us in speaking out against corporate greed. One job should be enough, full stop. Share the petition to get your friends and family on board, too.

We got this,

John Grant
UFCW 770

Reuniones de área (español)

Quiero contarte sobre la increíble energía que vimos la semana pasada en nuestros miembros que llegaron de todo el Sur de California a nuestras Reuniones de Área de UFCW 770. Antes de hacerlo, déjame compartirte un momento que se ha estado repitiendo en mi mente la semana pasada. Sólo tomará un segundo.

Nosotros terminamos las juntas rifando una tarjeta de regalo para los miembros que llegaron a la reunión. Un miembro de nombre Raymond ganó la rifa en nuestra reunión de Pasadena pero él no pudo recibirlo. ¿Sabes por qué? Él tuvo que salirse de la junta antes de que terminara para poder irse a trabajar a su segundo trabajo como repartidor.
Ha llegado el momento de luchar por nuestros hermanos de la unión como Raymond. Hay que asegurarnos que un sólo trabajo sea suficiente para las personas trabajadoras. Comparte nuestra petición y haz que las personas que tú conoces se unan a la lucha por los trabajadores de Tiendas de Supermercado como Raymond.

Comparte la Petición

Como dije antes, la verdadera sabiduría de esta Unión no está en un edificio o en una oficina central. La sabiduría se encuentra en tus tiendas, dispensarios, plantas y farmacias, y está en tu experiencia y en la de tus compañeras y compañeros que trabajan arduamente. Nuestro local 770 recorrió el Sur de California para escuchar directamente de los miembros de todo nuestro sindicato y para analizar esa sabiduría para ver hacia dónde vamos ahora.

Si tú no pudiste participar, nosotros enfocamos todas las reuniones en los valores por los que estamos luchando en nuestro próximo contrato de Tiendas de Supermercado:

Salarios Justos que Sostengan a Nuestras Familias

El trabajo debe otorgar aumentos de sueldo que alcance para subsistir y nos permita sostener y disfrutar a nuestras familias y nuestras vidas – sin tener que trabajar en varios empleos.

Más Horas Flexibles

La programación de horarios debe dar las suficientes horas que necesitamos para apoyar a nuestras familias con un sólo trabajo, la flexibilidad para disfrutar y atender a nuestras familias, y planear otras prioridades de nuestras vidas.

Seguro Médico y Seguridad de Retiro

Todos los empleados deben tener beneficios que den seguridad a nuestra salud y dignidad en nuestro retiro. Nosotros luchamos duro por los nuestros y vamos a luchar aún más fuerte para seguirlos teniendo.

Seguridad Laboral en Tiempos de Cambio

Nosotros entendemos mejor que la gerencia lo que los consumidores quieren y qué es lo que funciona en el piso – y al aplicar estos saberes nosotros podemos ayudar a moldear los trabajos de las Tiendas de Supermercado del futuro.

Democracia en Nuestro Lugar de Trabajo

Somos socios en el éxito de nuestros negocios, no piezas que puedan ser movidas y tiradas. Nuestra unidad nos da una voz y un voto tanto en nuestro lugar de trabajo como en nuestra Unión.

Mejores Tiendas de Supermercado en el Vecindario

Las Tiendas de Supermercado son parte de un espacio público compartido y nosotros nos comprometemos a crear y preservar comunidades fuertes y resilentes.

Mientras nos aproximamos a una importante lucha por un contrato justo en las Tiendas de Supermercado, es tiempo de analizar y recordar por quién estamos luchando: por cada uno de nosotros. Por ello, me sentí muy orgulloso y animado de ver llegar a tantos de nuestros miembros y mostrar nuestra unidad en los tres días de reuniones de un lado a otro de nuestro Local 770– de Arroyo Grande a Pasadena, hasta Harbor City.

Apenas estamos comenzando a demostrar nuestro verdadero poder. Para poder avanzar, sin embargo, necesitamos que nuestros amigos, nuestra familia e incluso nuestros clientes, se unan a nosotros para alzar la voz en contra de la avaricia corporativa. Un trabajo debe ser suficiente, punto. Comparte la petición para sumar a tus amigos y a tu familia también.

Nosotros Podemos, 

John Grant
UFCW 770

Grocery Contract Negotiations Update – March 22, 2019

Negotiators met with the union’s financial experts to review our pension and benefit plans, as we continued to discuss non-financial contract issues with the corporate negotiators representing Ralphs, Vons, and Albertsons.

We continue to press for an accelerated negotiation schedule, but the corporate negotiators continue to slow walk the talks. The lead negotiator for Ralphs failed to even show up for the second day of talks.

Our next talks are set for April 3rd and 4th.

Go to for more updates.

Sign the petition at


Los negociadores se reunieron con los expertos financieros de la Unión para revisar nuestros planes de pensión y beneficios, y continuaron discutiendo temas no financieros del contrato con los negociadores corporativos que representan a Ralphs, Vons y Albertsons.

Nosotros seguimos presionando por una pronta fecha de negociación pero los negociadores corporativos continúan avanzando muy despacio en las pláticas. El negociador que encabeza la negociación por parte de Ralphs ni siquiera se presentó al segundo día de diálogo.

Nuestras próximas pláticas están programadas para el 3 y 4 de abril.

Visita ó para estar al corriente.

Firma la petición en

Mark Your Calendars: 770 Area Meetings

On March 25th, 26th, and 28th, UFCW 770 leadership will host Area Meetings. See below for details and find the meeting closest to you.

Monday, March 25

Harbor City

UFCW 770 Harbor City Office
25949 Belle Porte Ave
Harbor City, CA 90710
9 AM | 6 PM

Arroyo Grande

UFCW 770 Arroyo Grande Office
140 W Branch St.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
9 AM | 6 PM


Hilton Pasadena
168 S. Los Robles Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101
9 AM | 6 PM

Tuesday, March 26

Huntington Park

Icaza Workers’ Center
5400 Pacific Blvd
Huntington Park, CA 90255
9 AM | 6 PM

Santa Barbara

UFCW 770 Santa Barbara Office
4213 State St #201
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
6 PM

Santa Clarita

Moose Lodge
18000 Sierra Hwy
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
10 AM | 6 PM


UFCW Local 1442
9075 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90301
6 PM

Thursday, March 28

Los Angeles

UFCW 770 LA Office 3rd Floor
630 Shatto Place
Los Angeles, CA 90005
9 AM | 6 PM


UFCW 770 Camarillo Office
816 Camarillo Springs Rd.
Camarillo, CA 93012
9 AM | 6 PM

San Fernando

IBEW Local 11
400 Chatsworth Dr.
San Fernando, CA 91340
9 AM | 1 PM | 6 PM


For news and information specific to 2019 Grocery Contract: 

Visit or

Look to your union representative or steward.

All Members Town Hall Recap – March 12, 2019

Listen to the complete Telephone Town Hall:

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Last night, thousands of members gathered for a spirited Telephone Town Hall to discuss the state of our union and hardworking UFCW 770 members of groceries, plants, dispensaries, and pharmacies across Southern California.

The big ticket topic on everyone’s mind: the Grocery contract negotiations that kicked off last week (see more at We also discussed last week’s successful launch of the Fair Work Week L.A. policy campaign and much, much more.

Weren’t able to join us? We missed you. Catch-up with the full meeting in the recording above.

Got an important topic you think we didn’t cover? Leave us a comment on Facebook and we’ll add to a future meeting agenda.

And now we go,

John Grant
UFCW 770

Escucha la Asamblea Telefónica Completa:

Estimados hermanos y hermanas:

Anoche, miles de miembros se conectaron para participar en una animada Asamblea Telefónica para discutir el estado de nuestra unión y los diligentes miembros de UFCW 770 en los supermercados, plantas procesadoras, dispensarios y farmacias de todo el Sur de California.

El gran tema de entrada en la mente de todos: las negociaciones de contrato de Supermercados que inició la semana pasada (ver más en También discutimos el exitoso lanzamiento de la campaña para aprobar la Semana Laboral Justa en Los Ángeles (Fair Work Week L.A.) la semana pasada, y mucho más.

¿No pudiste participar? Te extrañamos. Mantente al corriente escuchando la reunión completa con el audio de arriba.

¿Tienes algún tema importante que piensas que no cubrimos? Déjanos un comentario en Facebook y lo agregaremos a la agenda de una próxima reunión.

¡Y ahora vámonos recio!

John Grant


UFCW 770

Grocery Contract Negotiations Update – March 5, 2019

Negotiations began today with Kroger (parent company of Ralphs) and Albertsons (parent company of Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions).

Your union joined UFCW locals 8, 135, 324, 1167, 1428, and 1442 and sent our initial proposals across the table.

Your union negotiators presented plans to proactively deal with technology in the workplace, simplify work classifications, increase training, give you more notice and flexibility in scheduling.

Gelsons, Stater Brothers, and Super A management signed extension agreements. Ralphs, Vons, and Albertsons contract protections remain in effect and will continue to protect you and be enforced.

We continue negotiations tomorrow (March 6th) and will update following the meeting.

For now, spread the word about Food Fight and sign the petition.

Hoy comenzaron las negociaciones con Kroger (empresa matriz de Ralphs) y Albertsons (compañía matriz de Albertsons, Vons y Pavilions).

Tu local sindical se unió a los locales 8, 135, 324, 1167, 1428 y 1442 de UFCW y enviamos nuestras propuestas iniciales a la mesa de negociaciones.

Los negociadores de tu Unión presentaron planes para tratar proactivamente con la tecnología en el trabajo, simplificar las clasificaciones de trabajo, aumentar la capacitación y darte más avisos con anticipación y flexibilidad en los horarios.

La gerencia de Gelsons, Stater Brothers y Super A, firmaron extensión de contratos. Las protecciones de contrato de Ralphs, Vons y Albertsons se mantienen vigentes y seguirán protegiéndote y seguirán siendo cumplidas.
Nosotros continuaremos negociaciones mañana (6 de Marzo) y daremos actualizaciones después de la sesión.

Por ahora, corre la voz sobre Food Fight y firma la petición.

Why not look good?

It’s a new year, and a new chance to show the world we’re serious about standing together as a union.

Why not look good while we do it?

Vote for your favorite division t-shirt style. Wear it on* or off the clock and say it loud: We got this.

This is all part of our listening campaign to hear directly from you and your fellow members across the 770.

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* Note: Please check with your workplace to make sure wearing personal clothing meets workplace guidelines.

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