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Dear 770 Members:

I’m fired up.

We just wrapped yet another round of contract negotiations where corporate executives failed to discuss even ONE of the core values we’re fighting for as a union. No increasing a fair wage for you and your families. No safeguarding the health care protections you’ve earned. No ensuring more hours and staff to make your work safer, and shopping better for the customers we love.

Here’s the deal: these are YOUR stores. You do the hard work to make them great places to shop, every single day. And you do it with a smile.

These corporate executives don’t get it. We’re at the table working long hours to hammer out a deal. But these corporations aren’t going to make a deal unless we show them the cost and consequences of stalling. So let’s send them a message loud and clear: messing with your union brothers and sisters comes with a price.

Show the price of messing with workers.

Share your weekly grocery receipt

I urge you to share the webpage below with EVERYONE you know. We need every single one of your co-workers, your friends, and family to submit their grocery bill.

We need to put the pressure on as a union and a community. When we show we can hurt their bottom line, they’ll come to the table for some real talk.

Let’s get started—share your weekly receipt now.


The next round of negotiations will take place from May 22nd to May 24th.

And now we go,

John Grant
President, UFCW 770