Despite the pandemic and deliberate barriers from long voting lines to eliminating drop boxes, Americans across the country have turned out in record numbers to stand with and for each other.

There are still votes left to count. The next few days will continue to be key as we watch potential threats to our democracy and shifts in counts for federal leadership, as early votes and mail-in ballots are being counted.

Our country has held successful elections through good times and bad, and this November is no different. Individual voters, the media, candidates, and the political parties have a duty to be patient while local election officials count every ballot cast in accordance with applicable laws.

But, no matter the outcome, we are still in the midst of a long struggle for justice. We must approach this with not just a burning patience, but also a vision of transformation. We will not be going back to brunch when this is all over. We cannot rest. We need to continue our efforts to make our workplaces and communities a better place.