Many of us are concerned about the pandemic but have important questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and when it will be available.

That is why the UFCW will be hosting a town hall where UFCW members can submit their questions to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Submit your pandemic or vaccine questions to Dr. Fauci

Please record a short video asking Dr. Fauci your question about the COVID-19 pandemic or the COVID-19 vaccine for a chance to have it answered live during the RESCHEDULED town hall on March 3rd, at 1:30pm PST on the UFCW International Facebook Page

Whether you work in a grocery store, pharmacy, meatpacking plant, cannabis, hospital, or any of the essential industries that keep our country running, we believe it is critical you have the expert information you need.

Record a video question for Dr. Fauci

Lastly, if you would like to receive future updates on what the UFCW is doing to help our members on the frontlines, text PREPARED to 83071.