CVS Contract Ratification: Your Commitment to Improve Your Contract Paid Off!!

Today 10/8/21, CVS workers ratified a new contract that makes health benefits more affordable and is a step towards fairer wages and safer stores.

Your new CVS contract secures:
Pay increases of approximately 10% over 3 years. Wage increases vary depending on job position and seniority, including $1.20, $1.70, $1.75, $2.25 and $3.20 (over 3 years).

Extra wage increase of $1.00 per hour for more senior associates.

New Premium of $1.00 per hour for associates when they work in the pharmacy.

All wage increases are retroactive to July 4, 2021 when the previous contract expired.

Healthcare Benefits
Substantial improvements in the affordability of health care benefits including lower deductibles increased dental and vision benefits for some workers and faster eligibility for some part-time workers.

Hours Guaranteed
Shortened waiting period for 30 hour part-time guarantee from 36 months to 30 months.

Staffing Requirement
A minimum of two employees must be scheduled to work in the front store whenever the store is open to the public.

Safety & Security
The contract establishes a ground-breaking worker-composed Health and Safety Committee to address the hazards of working in this sector, both from the pandemic and the rash of violence in stores. This committee will include the voices of workers in health and safety decisions at each store. CVS will provide annual safety training on paid time.

Other Benefits include: payout of sick leave bank upon termination; add Martin Luther King Holiday; more flexible bereavement leave; better protection against wage theft; better access to full-time hours; and gender inclusivity by changing pronouns in the contract to “they, them, and their.” Term of Agreement: July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2024.

This contract is not the end of our fight for better working conditions. We got this! ¡Sí se puede!!