Our UFCW 770 office in Santa Barbara will be closed temporarily. We are still here to assist you, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to have our office open again soon.

You can reach our offices at (213) 487-7070 or use one of the numbers below to reach the department you would like directly. 

Phone NumberDepartment
(213) 347-9337Drug Benefits Español
(213) 712-7653DrugBenefits English
(213) 770-2837Food Medical English
(213) 788-2029FoodMedical Español
(213) 201-7140FoodPension English
(213) 201-7149FoodPension Español
(310) 784-5340Grievances English
(213) 201-7038Grievances Español
(213) 770-2357Membership English
(213) 770-1949Membership Español