On Tuesday, September 14th union members played a key role in keeping California safe.

The Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom was beaten decisively, with current vote totals showing it failing with 66% of voters casting a NO ballot.

The resounding defeat of the Recall of Governor Newsom showed how Californians support key Covid-19 protections, the work of essential workers, and the need to get back to the serious business of getting past this pandemic.

UFCW members were key partners in this campaign, from knocking on doors and calling voters, to helping fund voter contact efforts and appearing as spokespeople in the campaign against the recall.

California voters didn’t just say NO to the Recall – they said YES to essential workers and the Covid safety policies meant to protect us. Once again, UFCW members proved willing to stand on the front lines and fight for the safety and health of our communities.

Thank you!