Service Deli, Bakery, and other General Merchandise workers are paid less than other employees in the same stores despite working just as hard.

We believe that 2-tier wages are unfair and workers should receive equal pay for equal work.

That’s why we’re asking Service Deli, Bakery, and General Merchandise workers to sign this petition and deliver it to the corporate management.

Equality * Respect * Our Future

The service deli and bakery are a crucial part of the success of this store – but is not recognized as such.

We believe in:

1. Equal Pay for Equal Work. General Merchandise Clerks in the service deli are paid far less than other employees, despite working just as hard. Stop making GM Clerks second-class citizens and equalize our pay with other employees.


2. Respecting the skills and workload. GM Clerks go through extensive training, have specialized skills, and are required to multitask, yet we are paid less than other employees in the store. Respect our skills and dedication with equal pay.


3. The Future of the industry. Virtually every analysis of the grocery industry points to service sectors such as the service deli and bakery as cornerstones to the future success of the brick-and-mortar grocery industry. Help us help you – pay us what we’re worth and treat us with respect so we can thrive in our jobs.


Contact your Union Representative or Steward to get a copy of the petition.