SoCal Grocery Store Workers Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify Historic Contract with Gelson’s Markets

New Deal Secures Significant Wage Increases, More Hours, Improved Healthcare Benefits and Store Safety Provisions

Los Angeles– Grocery store employees represented by six UFCW Locals in Southern and Central California voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new three-year contract with Gelson’s Markets.

Wage increases include $4.25/hr over the 3-year contract for most workers and some classifications will receive higher pay raises.

The contract guarantees a minimum of 28 hrs a week for eligible part time employees and reduces the time required to move up the wage scale, which also means that more workers will receive their benefits sooner. This results in significant increases in take-home pay, as much as $3,000/year for some employees.

The new deal also improves dental and vision plans that gives workers substantial savings, taking into account the high cost of these services.

Pension benefits, which are vital for long standing workers, are also protected in the agreement.

This contract adds new safety language to ensure employees are part of existing health and safety committees at every single store. Grocery employees are at risk the most and will be able to make decisions regarding store safety to protect workers and customers.

“This historic contract gives power back to the employees and lays the foundation for future great contracts for workers. It provides the highest wage gains employees have seen in their careers and we were able to close the gap between Food and GM rates,” says Matthew Plotkin, a Bookkeeper at a Gelson’s in Encino and Bargaining Committee members.

“I’m very glad that all classifications are getting a pay raise in this contract. Employees are going to be able to afford basic necessities such as paying gas and buying food. It will also help the company retain employees because there’s a high worker turnover,” says Chad Harris, a Food Clerk at a Silver Lake Gelson’s and Bargaining Committee member. “During the Covid pandemic, we worked extremely hard while the company made tons of money. It was time to improve our pay and win a substantial contract.”

“I am excited about this contract. The raise in wages, reducing the number of hours employees need to reach the next tier –increasing their pay, and the change of language in the contract benefits us. With this contract employees will be able to enjoy financial stability,” says Lawrence Martinez, a Service Deli Clerk at Gelson’s in West Hollywood and a Bargaining Team member. “My co-workers deserve this great contract. Their stellar personal customer service, being knowledgeable and helpful employees, always providing good quality products, makes it so convenient for customers so they don’t have to go shopping anywhere else. Our daily work builds the Gelson’s brand that differentiates us from the rest.”

This new agreement covers over 2,000 supermarket employees represented by UFCW Locals 135, 324, 770, 1167, 1428, and 1442. These Locals are spread from Paso Robles to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Gelson’s Negotiations Update 4-28-22

BREAKING ALERT! We’ve reached a tentative agreement with Gelson’s on a new contract. More information on ratification votes will be coming soon.

Gelson’s Negotiations Update 4-8-22

Our negotiating team wrapped up a positive meeting with Gelson’s. The company acknowledged your hard work and the value you bring to their success.

We are confident that we will get an offer in our next round of negotiations on April 22nd which will achieve the goals we have been fighting for.

For more information, join one of our telephone town halls on Tuesday, April 12th at 7 pm or Wednesday, April 13th at 9 am. We’ll call you to join the meeting. Answer the phone to hear the latest news and have your questions answered live.