Great news for workers in Glendale! Workers and their Union UFCW 770 made it happen! Effective immediately, you’ll be receiving a $5 Hazard Pay increase. The City of Glendale approved an emergency Hazard Pay ordinance for grocery store and drug retail employees. Employers will have to comply for 120 days.

This victory was only possible because you fought for it. All the emails, phone calls, and testimonials shared with Councilmembers made a difference. Elected officials listened to you and they decided to raise the standards for frontline workers. But this fight is not over yet. We need to stand together to push for better permanent wages for all Union and Non-Union essential workers.

Below is a list of stores that will receive the Hazard Pay wage in Glendale. If you don’t receive your extra hazard pay or have any questions, reach out to your Union Steward or Union Rep.

                 STORE LIST

CVS 9614
CVS 9647
CVS 9787
Ralph’s 60
Ralph’s 97
Ralph’s 134
Rite aid 5537
Rite aid 6756
Vons 1707
Vons 2254
Vons 2288
Vons 2598