Health & Safety Update

Retail employers have repeatedly failed to provide the proper equipment to protect you during this pandemic. Your local, UFCW 770, then did two things:

  1. We highlighted this issue with the elected officials and the community. Cities, counties and the state are now putting into law your right to have masks and other protections;
  2. We then tried to deliver our own masks to all of our members. Unfortunately, government officials took possession of our masks, in order to divert them to first responders and healthcare workers. Moreover, there is just a shortage of masks (and fabric) right now. However, we have sourced masks throughout North America and will continue, and achieve, distribution to everyone.

The requirement that you be able to work with personal protective equipment is still the obligation of the Employer. While we have received assurances from them that they will finally provide the equipment you need, assurances are not sufficient protection against the virus!

If you do not have access to:

  • regular handwashing;
  • masks and other personal Protective equipment;
  • safe and orderly crowd control within your store (proper social distancing);
  • regular disinfection of work areas;


LA County Department of Public Health
(888) 700-9995 (M-F 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)
Filing an Online Complaint at this Link: Department of Public Health

Los Angeles OSHA
(213) 576-7451 OR (800) 321-6742
Online Complaint Form:
Report business violations

Long Beach OSHA
(562) 506-0810 OR
(800) 321-6742 Online
Complaint Form:

Pasadena Department of Public Health
(626) 744-6004

San Bernardino OSHA
(909) 383-4321 OR (800) 321-6742
Online Complaint Form:

Van Nuys OSHA
(818) 901-5403 OR (800) 321-6742
Online Complaint Form:

Ventura County Department of Public Health, Environmental Division
(805) 654-2813
Submit An Online Complaint Here:

Santa Barbara County, Environmental Health Division
North County office, Santa Maria: (805) 346-8460 (Press 3 to reach the front desk)
South County office, Santa Barbara: (805) 681-4900 (Press 3 to reach the front desk).

San Luis Obispo County
(805) 781-5544 or Supervisor Laurie Salo (805) 781-5552