The Fourth of July is a celebration of our freedom, but even more so, it is a celebration of our right to govern ourselves.

This is meaningful to us because as members of a union, we have banded together to make our voices heard to protect ourselves from the injustices of a hostile workplace and to assert our rights to respect, dignity, and democracy.

Just last week we saw this democracy in action, as members of our grocery division turned out in record numbers to reject the insulting offer from grocery corporations.

Just a few months ago, we saw this democracy in action as the workers at Farmer John voted to approve the first company-wide contract in more than 30 years, and then came together to demand better working conditions.

And we see it almost weekly now as new members in our cannabis division approve contracts and begin the process of setting the standard for democracy in that industry.

On this Fourth of July, we celebrate the courage of our founders, but also recognize that the fight for independence, democracy, and respect is ongoing.

And we are on the front lines of that fight.

Have a wonderful holiday.

In solidarity,

John M. Grant
President, UFCW 770