UFCW Kaiser Permanente stewards from across Southern California participated in the UFCW KP Steward Conference on Friday, July 7, 2023. The conference took place at UFCW Local 324 in Orange County with more than 150 attending.

UFCW Constituency Groups including the Minority Coalition, OUTreach, United Latinos, and Women’s Network shared information about their work as attendees filled the auditorium.

The Steward Conference was kicked off by welcoming remarks from Andrea Zinder (President, UFCW 324), Kathy Finn (President, UFCW 770), Deliana Speights (Secretary-Treasurer, UFCW 1428), and Grant Tom (Secretary-Treasurer, UFCW 135)

The agenda included:

  • Team building activities & Consensus Decision-Making Just-in-Time Training with Heddy Steinman, Labor Liaison,  UFCW 770
  • Alliance updates with Hal Ruddick, Alliance Executive Director
  • Ben Hudnall Benefits and Testimonials with Miguel Reza, Outreach/Implementation Specialist, Elizabeth Jones, Steward UFCW 135, Elizabeth Estrada, Steward UFCW 770, and Perla Plancarte, Steward UFCW 770
  • Spokesperson Training with Brenda Rodriguez, Alliance Director of Communication
  • Pharmacy Leader updates with Ron Solano, Union Representative, UFCW 770, and Reza Mohammadkhani, Regional Director of Pharmacy Operations and Admin Services
  • Attendance Review training & Corrective Action Just-in-Time Training with Mercedes Medrano, Union Representative, UFCW 770, and Jane Holtmann, Consultant, Master Trainer, LMP
  • Contract Language-Jeopardy with Shamika Romanak, Labor Liaison, UFCW 324 & 1428, Heddy Steinman, Labor Liaison, UFCW 770, and Aida Galindez, Labor Liaison, UFCW 135
  • An Inspirational Message (Motivate and Activate) with Shamika Romanak, Labor Liaison, UFCW 324 & 1428
  • A Call to Action with Heddy Steinman, Labor Liaison, UFCW 770 

This gathering of Kaiser Stewards from across Southern California continues to build power across our Union Locals so we can fight the problems we face today and be prepared for the challenges that may come in the future.

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UFCW Kaiser Stewards Conference 2023