How can we build a labor movement that is inclusive of Asian American workers and that fights to end anti-Asian racism with the same fervor as we fight for workers’ rights? How do we commit our leadership and each member to recognize anti-Asian racism in our unions historically and now, and commit to stop treating Asian American workers as disposable, as perpetual foreigners, or as invisible?

Join us to tackle these big questions at APALA’s Labor Townhall on Anti-Asian Violence! RSVP for this Asian Pacific American Heritage Month event!

We encourage all UFCW 770 members and allies to attend.

Asian and Asian American workers in the U.S. have faced enormous challenges over the past year: deaths and poor health due to COVID-19, high unemployment, and now, most visible to the public: anti-Asian racism. But anti-Asian racism has a long history in the United States, and even the labor movement has not been innocent of violence against Asian American workers.

The racism, xenophobia, and misogyny that fueled the recent shooting of Asian women in Atlanta have their roots in targeted discrimination against Asians and Asian Americans, including from unions themselves. From Samuel Gompers’s campaigning for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, to Vincent Chin’s death at the hands of auto workers to messages that push China as “the greatest enemy;” the labor movement has too often either expressed indifference at anti-Asian discrimination or actively contributed to the climate that leads to violence against Asian Americans. But with agitation and collective action by working people, we have seen the major force the labor movement can be for Asian Americans.

RSVP and tune into our town hall on Wednesday, May 12th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET to learn more.

Join us and pledge to build the change we want to see in the labor movement, toward a vision of inclusion and justice for all workers.