First and foremost we must protect workers’ and therefore customers’ health. The No. 1 recommendation from public health experts is to regularly wash hands. Essential retail workers cannot do that equally across the board right now. That is a real problem.

The people who keep us fed need basic health protections. We cannot wait any longer. We don’t know how long this crisis is going to last, but without proper protections and protocols in place across all stores, including those owned by Amazon and Walmart, we are not going to prevent the spread of this disease.

The crisis changes day by day. IMMEDIATELY enacting health and safety standards in grocery and drug stores has not changed. Workers do not all have access to protections.

Los Angeles city council took important action today to help essential grocery workers who need flexibility in scheduling while caring for loved ones including kids who are out of school.

As grocery stores add positions, it’s important they do not play to the lowest common denominator. New employees need full time meaningful work with access to healthcare, paid time off and they also need safety protections.

If the city cannot act of safety measures because the city attorney has ruled that it is preempted by the state, we will continue to demand state action.

WIthout safety measures required immediately, other measures do not matter.