UFCW 770 members joined a large crowd of workers celebrating May Day, International Workers’ Day in Oxnard and Downtown Los Angeles.

In LA, workers displayed an array of creative signs with messages of “Solidarity is Power, right to unionize, right to strike, right to housing and right to citizenship”. Local 770’s members of the Special Projects Union Reps (SPUR) program marched holding a large banner highlighting solidarity among workers and opposing the Kroger-Albertsons merger, as well as picket signs advocating for affordable food and members’ job security.

LA Photos

In Oxnard UFCW 770, Unions, and Community allies joined together to honor workers and fight for a safety net for all. Ralphs member Vicente Cazares spoke about his fears with the proposed merger between Kroger and Albertsons. “If this merger goes through it will lead to store closures which will lead to job losses in our community and increased prices for customers.” Local vendors were also selling handmade goods and union and community groups also shared information about their issues.

Oxnard Photos