For eight decades, this union has led the charge to get you and your families a better deal in life–on and off the clock. Together, we’ve cut contracts that raised the bar for wages and benefits, and marched through the streets to secure dignity and democracy for all.

Today, powerful forces are gathering to roll back these gains we earned through 80 years of our blood and sweat. From a resurgent right wing to automation, these forces are out to take away your rights and those of workers everywhere to better pay, better benefits, and a better future.

Make no mistake: This is our moment of truth. We can either shrink back or double-down on our commitment to helping hardworking men and women across California get ahead. You already know the answer: We’re UFCW 770. We don’t back down.

If we’re going to win this struggle, we need to come together, use our heads, and follow our guts. We must remember the hard lessons we’ve learned from 80 years of successful organizing. Then we must adapt them for a workplace that’s changing by the day, by the hour, by the minute.

That’s why we’re launching a new look and website that better connects you with your fellow members, and shares breaking news and cutting edge insights on how we can organize now and fight back.

Although we continue to grow and evolve, at the end of the day this union will always run on the power of people. You work hard for the people in your life. If you work hard in America, we believe you should get paid, get heard, get respect, get ahead, get up, get more.

Look out for the official launch of our new site next week. In the meantime, make sure your fellow members are signed up for 770 news so they don’t miss a thing. Let’s get to work. We got this.

In Solidarity,

John Grant
President, UFCW 770