To say we are disappointed with you crossing a picket line and betraying the needs of your fellow union members in their time of need is an understatement.

We are furious. And we have a long memory.

There is no excuse for the union players of the Dodgers to become scabs and cross a legitimate, established picket line, especially one created to protest the massive gap between the financial condition of workers and the customers they serve.

The Dodgers had more than ample notice to find another hotel. Heck, the union even gave them a list of other available hotels. You saw the massive pushback against the scab Yankees when THEY crossed the picket line. The Boston City Council passed a resolution supporting the workers nearly a week before you arrived in Boston. The strike had been going on for nearly a month.

But still you chose to betray the poverty-wage workers who change your sheets and clean up your mess, simply because it was a little bit easier for you.

Well, this is one mess your fellow union members will NOT clean up.

The Major League Baseball Players’ Union benefited from the support of your fellow union members in your time of need. Those making barely minimum wage rallied to your side, helping you secure an average $4.5 million annual salary and job security.

But when it came time to choose between supporting those working people who stood with you and a minor hotel inconvenience, you chose to become scabs.

You seem to easily forget the solidarity of the unions that came before you make your job and salaries possible. Without miners being shot for organizing, without garment workers dying in their factories, without workers starving for months on picket lines – you would still be playing for peanuts.

But when it came time to honor that debt, that heritage, you balked.

Shame on you. Your betrayal will not be forgotten nor easily forgiven.

—John Grant, President, and members of UFCW 770