Your Leadership

From the shop floor to the picket line to the bargaining table, our leadership team has seen it all—and understands that true organizing takes smarts and guts. As forces gather to roll back the gains we’ve won through our blood and sweat, we’re fighting for a better future for you and your communities.

Kathy Finn


(213) 201-7113

Before she even stepped out of law school, Kathy Finn began fighting for the rights of working people. Since 1990, she’s brought that grit and dedication to UFCW 770 workers. With a passion for protecting the health and pension benefits of our members, she currently serves as a trustee on the Southern California UFCW Health & Welfare Fund and the Pension Fund. For 20 years as Director of Collective Bargaining, Kathy sat at the bargaining table during contract negotiations to ensure our members get the benefits we deserve. As Secretary-Treasurer for the last 5 years, Kathy has worked side by side with recently retired John Grant to strengthen our union and make it more democratic. Kathy was recently appointed President of UFCW 770.

Danny Garcia


(213) 201-7143

A union member for 30 years, Danny Garcia has always shown his love and commitment to UFCW 770 workers. At the age of 16, he started with Hughes Markets. He became more active in the union by stepping up as a Shop Steward, and then as a Picket Captain during the 2003 Strike/Lockout. Danny also volunteered on the Strike Hardship Committee to help assist Local 770 members during the strike. In 2005 he came on as a SPUR with the organizing department and later that year was hired to be a Union Representative for the LA / South LA area. In 2018 he became Field Director and was able to work with field staff and help coordinate contract campaigns from 2018-2022. He was recently appointed by the 770 Executive Board to be Secretary-Treasurer.

Matt O’Malley

Director of Research and Collective Bargaining

(213) 201-7124

Matt O’Malley has never questioned which side he is on. For more than two decades, Matt has worked on strategic campaigns to organize and represent workers in the hospitality, construction, and service sectors. As Vice President, and Director of Research and Collective Bargaining, Matt oversees the strategic research informing Local 770’s organizing, policy, and bargaining campaigns, and, in addition, he leads contract negotiations with unionized employers. Prior to joining UFCW Local 770, he was the Senior Research Analyst at the AFL-CIO Organizing Department’s Center for Strategic Research. He began his career in the labor movement with the Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees (HERE), Local 11, in Los Angeles, California, where he led a successful campaign to organize the LAX Radisson. Matt received his M.S. in Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell University, and his B.A. in Political Economy from Skidmore College. He serves as a Union Trustee of the Western Alliance Trust Fund and was elected to UFCW Local 770’s Executive Board in 2022.

Nam Le

Director, Political and Civil Rights Department, Vice President

(213) 201-7128

With 17 years of experience in political campaigning, Nam Le is committed to one thing: winning for working people.  From day one, he has been committed to ensuring politics is used for the good of development, housing, and labor. Prior to joining our union, Nam served as a district director for California Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally from South L.A. There his passion for policy and people blossomed. Nam is also Vice President of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Los Angeles, AFL-CIO.

Maricruz Ceceña

Organizing Director

(213) 785-8241

Maricruz has a passion for empowering workers to fight for their rights in the workplace. Her career has put her at the frontlines of organizing in food manufacturing, grocery stores, drug stores, retail, cannabis, and beyond. During the El Super campaign she worked with the bargaining committee at the stores to maintain involvement and execute 2 strikes. While at UFCW 770, Maricruz coordinated our SPUR program, worked with our bargaining committee members, and trained our developmental team. As the Organizing Director, she has been helping to grow our Union with new CVS members and is currently working to organize workers at Project Angel Food.

Eileen Alcala

Executive Board

UFCW 770 Staff

Eileen has been a proud active member of UFCW 770 since 1989. She was a Shop Steward and worker leader at her Sav-ons store where she worked for 16 years. She’s been on 770’s staff since Dec. 2004 and she’s been actively engaged in the union activities: has walked precincts, voted and kept her fellow coworkers and members involved and engaged. She became a SPUR and was hired to be an organizer; 2 yrs later, she was promoted to become a Business Agent.

Erika Bentzen

Executive Board

Ralphs Member

Mike Bott

Executive Board

Vons Member

E-Board Member & Produce Manager at Vons Santa Barbara; 33 years in the Union.

Mike went through the 2003-2004 strike. He started at Luckys, which was bought out by Albertsons, then went to Haggen then back to Vons. He was a SPUR for the international representing Local 770 for the Biden Presidential campaign.

Hector Chaidez

Executive Board

Kaiser Member

Hector is inspired by the new generation of workers who are organizing themselves to be part of a Union and also fight for broader social issues. Hector wants “to see younger members out there in streets protesting for black lives matter, lgbtq, help create a better environment for the working class people.

Ray Cordova

Executive Board

Vons Member

For the past 27 years, Ray has worked as a Front-end Supervisor at a Vons grocery store in Ventura, and has also served as a Shop Steward at his store for over 19 years. In 2020, he was part of the Special Projects Union Representative (SPUR) program. In his free time, Ray coaches a youth basketball league in his community.

Jessica Crowley

Executive Board

Pavilions Member

“My work at Advocacy Day caught the attention of our Political Director, Nam Le, and I was nominated and then appointed to be a Vice President for our Executive Board. I was a Bargaining Committee member for the Ralphs/Albertsons Pharmacist contract, and I’ve participated in several actions for other contracts. I was appointed to the California State Board of Pharmacy by Gavin Newsom in May 2022, where I hold the Union seat with the support of UFCW.

Juanita Du Cros

Executive Board

UFCW 770 Staff

Juanita has been a UFCW 770 member for 35 years as a self-employed cosmetologist and a Salon owner.
Her experience in our Union has been very enlightening. She encourages workers in the beauty industry to join the union to be able to enjoy the benefits our members have.

Juanita loves helping seniors. She picks them up from their home, invites them to her salon and takes them back to their house. Most of all, she loves the great benefits that come from being part of a Union.

Armando Espinoza

Executive Board

UFCW 770 Staff

Sharon Hechler

Executive Board

Albertsons Member

E-Board Member and a Cashier at Arcadia Albertsons, with five decades in the Union!

Sharon has been a Union shop steward for many years and has a record of outstanding involvement in the organized workers issues; she has been to countless rallies in support of Union efforts; has worked on political campaigns and has been the voice of her coworkers by doing interviews in the media about issues that impact our members and their families.

Susan Hernandez

Executive Board

Food 4 Less Member

Susan has worked at Food 4 Less since 1994 doing many jobs including working as a cashier, baker, and point of sales person.
In the 2021’s grocery store contract negotiations, Susan was part of the very first UFCW 770 grocery Bargaining Committee representing her F4L fellow union members. Susan sees her coworkers as her own family. As an E-Board member she speaks on behalf of all employees and shares with them everything that she learns in the Union.

Atul Jariwala

Executive Board

Ralphs Member

Atul works at Ralphs as a Sales Manager. He’s been a Union member for over 24 years. For the past 19 years, he has been a Shop Steward in his store. During contract campaigns, Atul has made his voice heard representing his coworkers. What motivates Atul to be part of the Executive Board is his love for the union, the community, and the opportunity to help others.

Leilani Koki

Executive Board

Gelson's Member

Leilani has been with the union for 30 years. She has been a Shop Steward for over 10 years and has had the opportunity to participate in phone banking, picket lines. Whenever their fellow union members put together rallies or any other campaign actions, Leilani has shown up for them making signs and handing out educational materials to raise awareness and to stand up in solidarity with them.

Evelyn Lemus

Executive Board

UFCW 770 Staff

Evy began her journey at Local 770 on March 6, 1989 in the Food Medical Dept. In June 2004, she transferred to Special Services as a clerk, and in June of 2015, she became Supervisor of the Department. Two years later she became a Field Store Coordinator, still working and helping people with any membership issues.

Heidy Lopez

Executive Board

Food 4 Less Member

Through her experience as a shop steward, a Bargaining Committee member, and a Special Projects Union Representative (SPUR), Heidy has gained a broader understanding of the core issues our members experience. She has led and moved members through various contract and organizing campaigns including the Master Food and RX campaigns, organizing Danone, Farmer John member engagement, and Health and Safety training.

Rogelio Madrigal

Executive Board

CVS Member

Since 2020, he has advocated for protection at his store with the help of his co-workers. He got nominated to be a part of the CVS Bargaining Committee in the same year and he participated in many store delegations during negotiations.

Cindie McGinnis

Executive Board

UFCW 770 Staff

Cindie is the Southern California Lead for all UFCW locals representing Kaiser workers. She represents the Pharmacy and Lab employees in the Antelope Valley and represents wall to wall members in Bakersfield.
She’s worked for Kaiser for 20 years. She was hired as a Union Representative for Local 770 in 2009.

Ashley Manning

Executive Board

Ralphs Member

Randy Navarro

Executive Board

Super A Member

Randy has worked at a Montebello Super A market for over 20 years. He currently works as a Produce Manager.
He’s also been part of the contract negotiations’ team with the goal of negotiating a good contract for himself and his coworkers.
As a single father of a 17 year old, Randy understands the struggles and dreams of single parents who show up to work everyday to serve the community and at the same time, be able to provide for their families.

Rogelio Negrete

Executive Board

Overhill Farms Member

Rogelio has worked at Overhill Farms for 32 years and has been a Union member for about 26 years. He works in the Shipping & Receiving department of the food processing plant located in Vernon, California.

Since he started working for Overhill Farms, he became a Union Shop Steward and since then, he has participated in several mobilizations fighting for workers rights.

Rogelio is the trusted and go-to person for any information related to workers rights and benefits in his workplace.

Joyce Roberson

Executive Board

Rite Aid Member

Darren Verastegui

Executive Board

UFCW 770 Staff

Darren has been a UFC 770 member for over 45 years. The highlights of his career as a Union Rep include being a Union Representative of 11 Food 4 Less stores. He provided information to many of his members to reject an unfair contract offer that the company tried to win over and use the 2003/2004 strike to protect worker wage standards and benefits.

Wil Wicke

Executive Board

MedMen Member

Your Reps

When it comes to protecting your rights, we don’t back down. Your rep is your resource when you feel you’re getting a bad deal—on or off the job. Got a problem? Let’s solve it. Get in touch.


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