Your Leadership

From the shop floor to the picket line to the bargaining table, our leadership team has seen it all—and understands that true organizing takes smarts and guts. As forces gather to roll back the gains we’ve won through our blood and sweat, we’re fighting for a better future for you and your communities.

John Grant


(213) 201-7108

Simply put: John’s blood flows blue and gold. Meat packer. Shop steward. Picket captain. Union rep. In-house counsel. President. There is not a single part of union organizing John hasn’t seen up close since joining UFCW 770 as a Packing member in 1976. Today, he is ready to lead our union forward through this critical moment in the long march for dignity and democracy. His commitment to working people extends across the city we call home as a champion of safety and health protections and low-cost housing for working families.

Kathy Finn


(213) 201-7113

Before she even stepped out of law school, Kathy Finn began fighting for the rights of working people. Since 1990, she’s brought that grit and dedication to UFCW 770 workers. With a passion for protecting the health and pension benefits of our members, she currently serves as a trustee on the Southern California UFCW Health & Welfare Fund and the Pension Fund. Kathy also sits at the bargaining table during contract negations to ensure our members get the benefits we deserve.

Cheryl Butler


(213) 487-7070

Lavanza “Cheryl” Butler worked as a head pharmacist at Rite Aid from 1980 to 2002, where she strove to keep working Angelenos healthy. She then joined UFCW 770 as Vice President, with a focus on keeping the benefits and rights of our members in perfect health. Cheryl is currently a member of the California State Board of Pharmacy, the Professional Pharmacist Division Executive Board and the NAACP.

Rigo Valdez

Director of Organizing

(213) 201-7120

Rigo is responsible for making sure UFCW 770 harnesses the full power of its 30,000 members. In addition to overseeing all organizing activities, he has a special commitment for our most vulnerable co-workers. He serves as a commission on the Los Angeles County Immigrant Protection Advancement Taskforce and a proud founding member of UFCW’s OUTreach – a group dedicated to fighting for full equality for LGBTQ workers on and off the clock.

Paul Edwards

Director of Training and Development

(213) 201-7119

When it comes to protecting the rights of working Californians, Paul doesn’t back down. For 15 years, Paul served as a UFCW 770 union rep, where he worked in union shops across Southern California to fight back against employers who threatened the rights of workers. He currently oversees all union reps at our union.

Nam Le

Director, Political and Civil Rights Department, Vice President

(213) 201-7128

With 17 years of experience in political campaigning, Nam Le is committed to one thing: winning for working people.  From day one, he has been committed to ensuring politics is used for the good of development, housing, and labor. Prior to joining our union, Nam served as a district director for California Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally from South L.A. There his passion for policy and people blossomed. Nam is also Vice President of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Los Angeles, AFL-CIO.

Danny Garcia

Field Director, Vice President

(213) 201-7143

Linda Nguyen

Chief of staff


Your Reps

When it comes to protecting your rights, we don’t back down. Your rep is your resource when you feel you’re getting a bad deal—on or off the job. Got a problem? Let’s solve it. Get in touch.


Eileen Alcala

(213) 201-7138

Eric Aviles

(213) 201-7051

Dalia Benavente

(805) 437-7256

Ludmila Blanco

(213) 788-0931

Lily Cervantes

(213) 201-7140

Samantha Christian

(213) 201-7141

Cheryl Butler

(213) 201-7142

Armando Espinoza

(213) 201-7150

Jackie Gitmed

(213) 201-7024

Patti Green

(805) 437-7243

Rhonda Fisher-Ivie

(805) 437-7257

Richard Lovato

(805) 437-7254

Cindie McGinnis

(805) 437-7258

Kenya McElrath

(213) 758-8395 ext. 5734

Mercedes Medrano

(213) 201-7151

Kim Mosher

(213) 201-7146

Michael Palos

(213) 201-7149

David Quezada

(213) 201-7148

Michael Rosales

(213) 201-7136

Tim Shoemake

(213) 201-7145

Ron Solano

(213) 201-7020

Jess Steever

(213) 880-1555

Jean Tong

(805) 437-7253

Darren Verastegui

(213) 201-7137

Dena Weston

(213) 201-7139

Jill Whitney

(805) 437-7252