After more than a year and countless hours of hard-nosed negotiations, Packing members just approved a major new deal with Overhill Farms. This contract will improve pay and medical benefits for the workers who help feed families across southern California and beyond.

The contract is highlighted by five major improvements, which were only made possible through close cooperation between workers and management. It goes to show: when we build trust and common understanding, we can resolve outstanding issues and get a better deal.

Five Top Wins

1. Ratification bonuses

To complement limited retroactive pay, we pushed Overhill to agree for a larger ratification bonus once members approved the deal.

2. Lower medical premiums

It’s no secret: health care costs are skyrocketing across the nation. Keeping premiums down was one of our top priorities, and we got it done because workers stepped up.

3. Increased premium incentives

We got management to put up incentives for workers who put in the extra hours for specialized training – key to helping workers get more on and off the clock.

4. Maintained medical benefits

As long as annual medical costs do not exceed 12%, Overhill will hold the line on crucial benefits that keep workers and their families healthy.

5. New Training Opportunities

By working with the company to apply for ETP money to help fund several training projects of interest to the company and the members we’re building new opportunities for the future.

We got this,

Kathy Finn | Secretary-Treasurer