Rite Aid Update 10-14-21

Rite Aid Contract Ratification: A Step Towards Better Wages & Safer Stores!

Today 10/14/21, Rite Aid workers ratified a new contract that makes health benefits more affordable, and is a step towards fairer wages and safer stores. 

Your new Rite Aid contract secures:

Pay increases of approximately 10% over 3 years. Wage increases vary depending on job position and seniority, including $1.20, $1.65, $1.70, $1.95, and $2.05 (over 3 years).

A New Night Premium of $0.75 per hour for all employees, all stores and for all hours worked between 10pm and 7am. *Employees hired prior to August 5,2005, continue to receive a Night Premium of $0.25 from 7pm to 10pm 

All wage increases are retroactive to July 17, 2021 when the previous contract expired. 

Healthcare Benefits

Substantial improvements in the affordability of health care benefits including lower deductibles, increased dental and vision benefits for some workers and faster eligibility for some part-time workers.

New Turn Around Scheduling

Anyone who works a shift that starts between 9:00pm to 4am, is entitled to at least 12 hours between that shift and their other shifts. This 12-hour turn around may be waived in writing, with a copy to the Union. The waiver may be revoked on two weeks’ notice.

New Jury Duty Language. 

It  provides five days of Jury Duty Pay per year for PT workers and ten days for FT employees. 

Safety & Security

The contract establishes a ground-breaking worker-composed Health and Safety Committee to address the hazards of working in this sector, both from the pandemic and the rash of violence in stores. This committee will include the voices of workers in health and safety decisions at each store. Rite Aid will provide annual safety training on paid time.

Other Benefits include: add Juneteenth Holiday (if the company grants it at any other locations prior to 2023, it will immediately become a holiday in this contract); more flexible bereavement leave; weekly guarantee will continue to apply when a store must close due to emergencies;easier to achieve full time status; bargain over the effects of any changes to California Board of Pharmacy regulations that impact Pharmacy Technicians; and gender inclusivity by changing pronouns in the contract to “they, them and their.” 

Term of Agreement: July 18, 2021 to July 20, 2024.

Rite Aid Update 9-28-21

We have reached a tentative agreement with Rite Aid. A contract ratification vote will be held at all UFCW 770 offices from 8 am to 5 pm on Friday, October 8th.

770 OfficeAddress
Camarillo816 Camarillo Springs Road Suite H Camarillo, CA 93012
Santa Barbra4213 State Street Suite 201 Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Arroyo Grande140 W. Branch Street Arroyo Grande CA 93420
Harbor City25949 Belle Porte Avenue Harbor City, CA 90710
Huntington Park5400 Pacific Boulevard Huntington Park, CA 90255
Los Angeles630 Shatto Place Los Angeles, CA 90005
Santa Clarita27125 Sierra Hwy Suite 204 Santa Clarita, CA 91351

Rite Aid Negotiations Update 8/13/2021

Rite Aid is delaying negotiations and refusing to discuss proposals that increase their costs including annual wage increases. You deserve wages that reflect the increasing cost of living and the tremendous risks you take every day.

We have negotiations scheduled for August 24 and 25 and the 3 dates in September. We have entered into a new extension agreement through September 22. We do not expect to extend beyond that date. That’s more than enough time for Rite Aid to make a fair proposal.

Over the next several weeks, you and your coworkers need to show Rite Aid that you will not settle for a substandard contract. We are launching a petition drive for Rite Aid workers to show their support for a fair contract. Rite Aid workers deserve a contract that recognizes your hard work and dedication but you and your coworkers must stand together to make the company give you the contract you deserve.

Rite Aid says they appreciate you. Now it is time for them to show it through a fair contract proposal and wage increases.

Through unity and strength, we will prevail.

Rite Aid Negotiations Update 7/30/2021

Contract negotiations with Rite Aid started this week. A rank-and-file Bargaining Committee made up of members from Rite Aid stores across California is sitting at the bargaining table to make sure that workers’ voices and issues are central to these negotiations and to lead the fight for a better contract and better worker conditions.

The following are the Bargaining Committee Members:

Name                        Store Number
Barbara Belle            5514
Jessica Cortez          6400
Monica Do                5462
Latania Forest          5455
Donna Nichols          5836
Joyce Roberson       5782
Mary Sanchez          5450
Reymundo Santos   5526
Haydeh Sharifi         5535
Janaih Suyematsu   5833
Julio Ventura            5560
Veronica Palacios    5445

As a Union member, your voice and engagement in this contract campaign determines the type of improvements you and your coworkers will be able to achieve in the new contract. Any type of participation counts. You have a right to wear a sticker or button, sign petitions, participate in store delegations and picket lines, etc.

Only with strong member participation will we be able to win a strong contract that provides higher wages, better staffing, improved safety and security standards to protect workers and customers, affordable health care and respect.

Negotiations updates will be posted on this page. Upcoming Negotiations Dates are: 8/4, 8/11, 8/12, 8/24, and 8/25. You can contact your Union representative or shop steward to join the campaign team and help make this campaign for a fair contract a success.