A huge crowd of union folks from several Los Angeles-area unions were delighted by author and union organizer Jane McAlevey, who along with her mentor Anthony Thigpenn, shared organizing lessons and strategies included in Jane’s most recent book “Rules to Win By, Power and Participation in Union Negotiations.”

The President of our Union, Kathy Finn welcomed about 150 participants in the audience and introduced the author Jane McAlevey as well as Anthony Thigpenn, the president of California Calls. The discussion rolled out in a Q&A format where Jane was asked questions about how workers organize, fight, and win better contract campaigns and overall, improve their working conditions implementing her 20 rules to win by. Especially in this time of excessive corporate greed when CEOs are making billions of dollars while workers can barely survive, the books’ lessons are invaluable.

Jane McAlevey shared the knowledge that comes from years of experience working with rank-and-file members and union organizers in the US and across the world, so they collectively develop their skills to become leaders and actively participate in negotiations, lead the movement in the streets and outside their worksites, to build their power to make changes and take their future in their own hands.

During this event, several UFCW 770 members stood in line to have their books signed by Jane McAlevey.

The book presentation was organized by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, UTLA and UFCW 770 and was hosted by our union on the warm afternoon of July 13th. The talk was followed by a book signing by the author. For four hours, the attendees mingled, enjoyed great music played by a DJ, some food and refreshments, talked about this great book and the hot labor summer that we’re living in Southern California!

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