Exactly how to “scale up” the capacity of our movement isn’t a new question and won’t be answered by any single solution. However, over the past two and a half years, participants in our annual six-week Skills to Win organizing training program have won more, and built significantly more capacity among rank and filers and full-time staff, too.

There is nothing more urgent than increasing the ability of the multiracial working class to win more, to win big, to develop short-, medium-, and long-terms strategic plans to give us all a fighting chance to create better and safer workplaces, achieve an improved quality of life at home, stop evictions and outrageous rent increases, and shift out of our comfort zones and into building high-participation, high-powered organizations that can build the power required to win now and in the future.

Watch this short video to see what recent past attendees have said their members and staff have taken from participating in our Skills to Win training program.

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