Statement from UFCW 770 President John Grant regarding the attack of the US Capitol incited by President Trump

The attack, Wednesday, on Congress and the certification of the Electoral College was a disturbing and unamerican assault on our way of life.

This is important to us as Americans, regardless of political party. But it is also important to us as union members.

Democracy can be contentious. It can even be confrontational. But we cannot allow it to be destroyed by violence and lawlessness. Those responsible for this must be held accountable.

We can all agree that if we falter,  even for one day,  in enforcing our rights —  management will snatch them away from us. They have and will push us to the limits of the rules,  and often will go over the line if we aren’t vigilant.

This attack on Congress and democracy is the same: if we allow it to go unpunished it will only set the new standard for another demagogue. Just like allowing violations of our contracts and rights to go unanswered means we lose them.

This Union arose and throve around holding our employers accountable. This is what democracy is. We voice our concerns; we raise our opposition to that which offends us, and we articulate and work to reach agreement on that to which we aspire. And, in doing so, we raise within our community its principles: the fundamental worth of each person; the equality of all persons; majority rule and minority rights; and the necessity of peaceful compromise. And when that compromise has been made, when that decision has been reached, we observe and honor it. Accountability.

And this attack was meant to deny America, and all of us as essential, working folks, the opportunity for a better job, a safer community, and a healthier future. As this insurrection desecrated our institutions, it thereby threatened all of what we strive for.

Our Union is a testament to democracy–democracy at work. And we exist because we live in a democracy which honors our right to function. We must fight to preserve this precious gift if we hope to preserve our jobs, our livelihoods, and our society. In fact, we are more than that. We are the example for the rest of our community– peaceful, forceful but participatory.

 It doesn’t matter what political party you subscribe to: we are all Americans, we are all participants in this great democratic experiment. Now is the time to fight for it. Now is the time to stand up and hold Trump and his enablers accountable. Now is the time to draw the line and protect ourselves and our families. We must continue to Demand Democracy and to Defend Each Other. And we must condemn this terrorism which attempts to sow the anti-democratic seeds of fascism.