You may have heard about the reprehensible remarks made by some of our LA City Council members as well as the recent resignation of the President of the LA County Federation of Labor. Local 770 strongly condemns this unacceptable behavior which undermines multi-racial, intersectional, working class solidarity. The toxic behavior and language used are a symptom of the broader societal ills of capitalism and white supremacy, including anti-black and anti-indigenous racism, colorism, and bigotry against LGBTQIA+ and other communities. We need leaders who are committed to fighting for the rights of all Angelenos.

UFCW 770 is committed to building an anti-racist organization, examining our role and responsibility as part of the broader progressive movement in fighting anti-black racism and all forms of discrimination. This is an issue we as a union have been working to address for the last several years. The labor movement needs to build programs to root out white supremacist culture wherever it exists in government, the labor movement, and especially in the workplace.

We, as a Union, will not tolerate racism or discrimination within the union or in the workplaces we represent. UFCW was early to the fight for equity and remains committed to that goal. To achieve that we must hold our employers, ourselves, and our elected leaders to the same high standards.

In solidarity,
Kathy Finn
Acting President