They heard us loud and clear. And we were successful in getting a deal that will make our lives better.

It’s pretty simple: When we stand up for ourselves, we get respect. And we get a contract that respects our hard work. You did this. This victory is yours.

It is big a step forward towards our vision of what grocery jobs should be in the future.

Specific details of the deal will be available for grocery members at meetings starting tomorrow. Find your meeting here.

Here’s what it took to get there:

– More than 40 bargaining sessions
– Hundreds of members and allies standing together throughout Southern California
– Tens of thousands of consumers pledging their support via online petitions and text messages

We showed the corporate executives the relationships we have with our customers and the impact we have in our stores and communities.

And know that when we stand together we win.

I’m proud of our work together,

John Grant
President, UFCW Local 770