770 Members:

We’ve just wrapped up another round of negotiations. While corporate negotiators failed to make a fair wage and health benefits offer, our members have been raising their voices where it matters most: at their stores.

Our 770 Delegation teams at Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons, and other UFCW grocery stores across Southern California have been stepping up to make sure our values are heard by store managers and corporations. Their work is a reminder of who we’re fighting for, and why we’ll win.

Every day, we’re fighting for:
  • Family-Sustaining Fair Wages
  • More, Flexible Hours
  • Health and Retirement Security
  • Job Security in Changing Times
  • Democracy in Our Workplace
  • Better Neighborhood Grocery Stores

This is how we win – by raising our voices together, taking ownership of our union and our stores, and demanding to be recognized as worthy of what we’ve earned.

I am so inspired by these petition delegations all across UFCW 770. To approach management and corporate fearlessly and relentlessly is to be #UnionStrong.

Stand with us and share our pictures.






We got this,

John Grant
President, UFCW 770