The Road to Victory

In 2019, we kicked off a contract campaign with the goal of winning a fair contract for workers at Ralphs, Vons, and Albertsons. Southern California union grocery workers walked away with the most significant wage and benefit increase we’ve seen in over 30 years.

Value of 3-Year Contract Gains


Average Per Hour Wage Increase Over 3 Years


Guaranteed Hours Per Week for Veteran Workers


Unused dental and vision benefits rollover year to year
Formation of committee on the future of work

When We Demand More, We Get More.

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight. We can’t attribute this victory to one group alone. It was a team effort on the part of our members, our leadership, our customers, and our communities. We stood together through it all. And we won.

Our Members Stepped Up

Listen to your fellow 770 members recount the fight.

Watch Video
Watch Video


Cashier, Albertsons 561
Watch Video


Food Clerk, Ralphs 190
Watch Video


Cashier, Ralphs 294
Watch Video


Front End Manager, Ralphs 48
Watch Video


Produce Clerk, Vons 2152
Watch Video


Food Clerk, Ralphs 724

This is How We Won

The contract is important, but so is how we got there. 770 members showed us that after 80 years of standing strong, we’re prepared to fight harder than ever.

So how does a fight like this come together? Take a look.

No. 1

Speak Up

You have to know what you’re fighting for if you want to win a campaign. We asked what you wanted in this new contract, and you told us.

  • 8,523

    Survey Responses
  • 2,372

    In-depth Member Conversations
  • 5,347

    Steward To Member Conversations
No. 2

Get the Word Out

To organize an effective campaign, we worked together to create a multi-faceted communications effort that kept tens of thousands of members and supporters on the same page.

  • 9

    Media Events
  • 512,859

    Text Messages
  • 750,000

  • 55,000

  • 35,000

No. 3

Rally the Community

Corporations take notice when customers and communities support grocery workers. We asked for support in our fight for a fair contract, and we got it.

  • 47

    Community Organizations
  • 112

    Public Rallies And Delegations
  • 1,052

    Members, Community Leaders, Labor Allies, And Clergy In Attendance
  • 6

    Neighborhood Council Resolutions Supporting The Fight
No. 4

Take Action

Campaigns are successful when people step up, take on leadership roles, and inspire people to get involved.

  • 185

    Picket Captains
  • 1,645

    Ralph's Members Participating In Leafleting Actions
  • 102

    "our Values" Petitions Delivered To Managers By Members
No. 5


Union leaders and members showed up strong to the negotiating table because we had a clear message, the support of our communities, and the ability to organize a united front. We demanded respect, rejected unfair offers, and negotiated a better deal.

  • 40

    Bargaining Sessions
  • 12

    Town Halls To Update Members And Solicit Feedback On Negotiations
  • 13,724

    Members Participated In Town Halls
  • 96

    % Of Members Rejected A Bad Offer And Authorized A Strike To Force A Better Deal
No. 6


In the end, it's up to members to decide if it's a good deal. When you demanded more, you got it and walked away with the best contract in 30 years.

  • 97

    Of Members Voted Overwhelmingly To Accept The Final Offer

Stay engaged.

The next contract fight is around the corner. Let us know you’re ready to step up and show solidarity with your union brothers and sisters.

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