What is Food Fight?

Food Fight is a movement of union grocery workers and shoppers fighting for a better neighborhood grocery store. Despite making record profits, Ralphs-Kroger Co. and its peers are cutting wages and raising food prices. We are coming together to fight for a fair contract that makes sure we don’t have to work two or three jobs just to pay for housing or put food on the table.

Why fight?

Now is the time for a fair contract. That not only means fighting for better wages, more hours, work protections, and health and retirement security. It means fighting for the very values we stand for as workers, neighbors, and members of our union.

When we unite and fight, workers and employers win. Our contract gives us a say in our workplace and our community. By standing together through collective bargaining, we as UFCW 770 members have the power to protect each other and demand better from management. As a union workforce, we make Ralphs-Kroger Co. and other employers more valuable. The company made record profits ($3 billion) last year alone. We should have the voice and vote that we’ve earned.

Our Demands

Many full-time Ralphs-Kroger Co. workers have a second or third job to make ends meet. We want a fair contract that ensures one job is enough.

1. A Fair Wage and Hours

When union grocery stores like Ralphs-Kroger Co. make record profits ($3 billion last year alone), one job should be enough to make ends meet for grocery workers. We demand fair pay and hours to take care of our families, pay for housing, and put food on the table.

2. Fully-funded health care and retirement plans

We’ve worked hard to earn health and retirement plans that are rare in the grocery industry. Now our employers want to starve our health and retirement plans. We stand together to protect what’s ours.

3. A better shopping experience for everyone

We know our customers. We see them everyday, and know what they want better than anyone. We are fighting for more staff in every store to make shopping better for our neighbors.

Your contract expires 3/3/2019

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