Because we stood together through hundreds of actions over months of negotiations, we won a fair contract that is a big step forward in our goal of creating good, career jobs in a changing grocery industry.

This contract is the most significant wage and benefit increase in over 30 years.

Not only did we win good wages and retroactive pay to March 2019, we also:

  • Stopped Big Grocery’s plan to reduce pay
  • Stopped Big Grocery’s plan to eliminate unused sick leave payout
  • Started closing the gap between General Merchandise Clerks and Food Clerks
  • Secured and improved our health care 
  • Protected the full funding of our pensions
  • Increased minimum hours
  • Increased vacation
  • Created a “Future of Work” committee to guarantee worker voices are part of the future of grocery jobs

As important as what is in the contract, is how we got there:

  • By organizing store by store for the respect and recognition we earn every day
  • The support of the public and customers, tens or thousands of whom pledged their support
  • The communities in which we work, who recognize us as crucial to their health and well being

We owe a big thanks not just to members, but to the public, fellow unions, and working families.

After 80 years of standing strong, we didn’t back down, and we’re prepared to fight even harder the next round.

By standing united, we showed Big Grocery that we are a force to be reckoned with.
When we stand together. We win.

We got this.

John Grant                                                    Kathy Finn
President, UFCW Local 770                         Secretary-Treasurer, UFCW Local 770