Hardworking people like you are responsible for feeding and caring for your communities every single day. Yet, there’s only a handful of times throughout the year where we celebrate the dignity of working. Today is one of them: International Workers’ Day.

It’s a chance for us all to pause and reflect on why we do what we do, as well as why we pour our blood and sweat into organizing: to make a better life for our families. I wanted to take this moment to show some of the faces of your union brothers and sisters, and recap the core values of this union.

This is why we fight: for each other.

More Hours and Flexible Shifts

Scheduling should provide the hours we need to support our families with one job, the flexibility to enjoy and take care of our families, and accommodate the other priorities of our lives.
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Fair Wages to Sustain my Family

Work should provide wage increases that make ends meet and allow us to provide for and enjoy our families and lives—without having to work multiple jobs. Share the graphic


Health Benefit Security

All employees should have benefits that provide security in our health. Why? Because our health is our community’s health. Plus, we fought hard for them.
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Democracy in our workplace graphic

We are partners in the success of our businesses, not tools to be discarded. Our unity gives us a voice and a vote in both our workplace and our union. Share the graphic


Retirement security

We work all our lives to enjoy what comes after. Our members should work in peace, without the worry of what life after retirement looks like. We earned it and we’ll fight for it.
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Job Security in Changing times

We understand better than management what consumers want and what works on the floor. By applying that knowledge we can help shape the Grocery jobs of the future.
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Better Neighborhood Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are part of the shared public space, and we commit ourselves to creating and preserving strong, resilient communities.
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I hope you share these points with your co-workers. It’s a small gesture, but builds to a mighty strength. We need every worker in every plant, shop, pharmacy, and dispensary to know where we’re going. When we look each other in the eye, let’s remember one thing: we got this.

And now we go,

John Grant

President, UFCW 770