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Victory for Farmer John Workers!

Farmer John Update

On July 9, 2018, Farmer John workers voted overwhelmingly to approve an historic agreement that provides wage increases, affordable healthcare, more job protection, respect for seniority, improved health and safety protections, and strengthens the workers’ voice in the plant. The newly ratified contract includes wage increases for all classifications of at least $4.00/hour over a four-year period and improved access to health care by lowering the costs borne by the workers.

The new contract improves safety enforcement by allowing workers to challenge the speed of the assembly line and ensures that seniority is the primary consideration in job bidding and transfers. The contract also provides increased protections for immigrant workers needing to renew their work authorization and for workers facing discipline.

Although we were unable to increase the current thirty-two hour workweek guarantee, the company will be limited in its ability to use temporary workers and overtime when workers are not scheduled forty straight-time hours and the company is prohibited from forfeiting the workers’ guarantee when they use sick leave.

Finally, the contract strengthens the workers’ voice on the job by creating a joint-labor management committee that will provide a forum to raise issues on an on-going basis rather than having to wait until contract expiration and by ensuring that all members of the bargaining unit have an equal stake and participation in the union.

“This contract represents a significant victory for our members, and secures their wages and health benefits,” says John Grant, president of UFCW Local 770. “Thanks to their unwavering determination, our members were able to stand strong and achieve a great contract.”

Pedro Albarrán, who has worked for Farmer John for over two decades, points out that “this win gives us strength because it acknowledges our role in the production process and our great contributions to the company’s success.”


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UFCW 770 Members Stand with the Los Angeles Times Guild

UFCW 770 members stand with the Los Angeles Times Guild in their fight for workplace democracy! Stand strong and don't be intimidated - your union brothers and sisters have your back. Good luck with your election!

California pot shops prepare for their first day of legal recreational marijuana sales

Original article from The Los Angeles Times

Pot dispensaries in Southern California were scrambling Sunday to prepare for their first day of legal recreational marijuana sales, with a historic state law permitting such businesses set to take effect New Year’s Day.

Labor unions see organizing California marijuana workers as a way to grow

Original article from The Los Angeles Times

"Are they going to be new age and cool with it," Zonderman said, "or like other businesspeople, say, 'Heck, no. We're going to fight them tooth and nail'?"

Last year, California voters approved sales of recreational marijuana to those 21 and older at licensed shops beginning Jan. 1.

L.A. lawmakers back new regulations on marijuana industry

Original article from The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles lawmakers backed a host of new regulations for the marijuana industry Wednesday, paving the way for the hotly anticipated business of recreational pot.

Firefighters Have Our Back

We are not alone in our fight for fair wages to support ourselves and our families.  Our brothers and sisters from UFLAC Firefighter IAFF Local 112 stand with us!  Attached is the message from Frank Lima, 10th District Vice-President International Association of Fire Fighters union urging his members to honor UFCW's boycott actions.

Fire fighters have our back! Please be sure to join a boycott action this Saturday. Click for Schedule

2017 UFCW Local 770 Health Fair



Los Angeles

Where can you open a pot shop? L.A. is hammering out those rules

Original article from The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles took another step Thursday to prepare for the legal selling of recreational marijuana, hammering out proposed rules on where pot shops and other cannabis companies can operate.

In the age of Trump, how do you build a legal marijuana industry from the ground up?

Original article from The Los Angeles Times 

Election night 2016 was such a shocker nationally that maybe you’ve forgotten that, oh yes, California voted to legalize recreational marijuana. And come January, if you’re at least 21, cannabis can be officially taxed and sold to you, just like, oh, the cheese doodles you’ll be wanting to eat after you light up. It is a massive undertaking, turning an illegal underground industry into a legal and legit one – a business that could put $50 million a year in tax money into the city’s purse.

Last month, Mayor Eric Garcetti chose Cat Packer to be executive director of the department of cannabis regulation. He, and the City Council and a cannabis commission, will be crafting the city’s rules and regulations for who can sell what where, and Packer’s office will be enforcing them. She was California coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance, and she doesn’t underestimate the scale of this, everything from how sellers get licensed to whether to put bins at the airport for tourists to throw away their pot before they board a plane. As L.A. becomes the biggest pot-friendly city in the nation, the nitty-gritty of making it work here could be the making or breaking of cannabis deregulation nationwide.

This is a job that’s never existed before. How do you create a job like this from scratch?

Palisades Ranch Contract Ratified

On August 26, 2017, UFCW members who work at Palisades Ranch, formerly Goldberg&Solovy, ratified a new agreement that provides additional paid vacation and holiday time, wage increases of more than 10% over three years, and holds the line on affordable health care coverage.

L.A. City Council approves new Cannabis Department head

Original article from The Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday backed Mayor Eric Garcetti’s picks to oversee City Hall’s new Department of Cannabis Regulation, a vote that comes as officials prepare for legalization of recreational marijuana in California.

CVS Contract Ratification Vote - August 15, 2017

After nearly four months of CVS members STANDING TOGETHER, the UFCW negotiating team has reached a tentative agreement with CVS. You will have the opportunity to vote to accept or reject the new Agreement. Details regarding the new Agreement will be provided at the ratification meetings below.

Special thanks to those members who wore their buttons every day and the shop stewards who attended meetings and held their co-workers together throughout this fight.  Please contact your Union Representative if you have any questions.

Labor Day Events 2017

It’s that time of year again!

Join us on September 4, 2017 to honor and celebrate the achievements of American workers! We look forward to celebrating with you at one of the following events.

We Can’t Afford to Work for Less

Original article on
by Roxana Tynan, Contributor
Executive Director of Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE)

RITE AID Merger Update


Drugstore chain Walgreens Boots Alliance terminated its agreement to buy smaller rival Rite Aid after struggling to win antitrust approval. 

Artcile from CNN Money
A $10 billion mega-merger between two of the nation's largest drug stores is no more.

Los Angeles Finally Lays the Path for Fully Licensed Marijuana Shops

Original article from La Weekly  

Proposed rules for medical marijuana businesses in America's pot-shop capital would snuff out "volatile cannabis manufacturing" — the type that produces popular concentrates such as wax and shatter — while allowing dispensaries to set up much-sought-after delivery programs for patients.